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Baldness Is Me and Here Are Reasons Why

Updated on December 7, 2016
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth, if you have followed him, is not a self-promoter. He can write about most anything. No. He is not a boastful guy.

My new bald look
My new bald look | Source

Let us begin

I am not a bully. Never have been considered a bully, troublemaker, or instigator of tension among innocent bystanders. Funny, somehow these positive images could mean that I might be thought of as a panty-waist behind my back.

And all of these years I have thought that I was a down-to-earth, decent, law abiding guy. A guy who people friend or stranger respected. I never said admired. Respected will do.

But an article I read not long ago stated that from a psychological standpoint, men with a full head of hair (like I used to have) had a secret fear that eat at them around the clock. The fear: no one at school, work, even church would respect them like they would respect a bully or card-carrying gang leader--back in the day when gang leaders did not peddle drugs and did have slicked back hair with a duck tail.

Brian Urlacher former middle  linebacker Chicago Bears
Brian Urlacher former middle linebacker Chicago Bears | Source
Bobby Janiec aka " Bobby J" on Hardcore Pawn  as seen on TruTV
Bobby Janiec aka " Bobby J" on Hardcore Pawn as seen on TruTV | Source

Face it, friends

Just look at the collection of famous bald men to the right. You will notice right off that all of these guys are bald, all except Bobby Janiec of TruTV's Hardcore Pawn. He shaves his head and declares his bald head a "choice." Do you see any of these men being panty-waists, ninety-eight pound weaklings, or men easily pushed around?

If you do, you are missing the point completely. Personally I would not mess with any of these guys out of pure respect for their physical prowess in self-defense and good old, all American street brawling.

Patrick Stewart, star of Star Trek:  Next Generation
Patrick Stewart, star of Star Trek: Next Generation | Source

I struggled

with baldness was at the age of 18. I woke up one morning and noticed a small shining place underneath the top of my hair. That shiny place was a patch of scalp grinning from hair follicle to follicle, "Hey, Ken! Guess what? You are losing your hair little by little all because of me." I laughed to myself.

Months later I stopped laughing to myself or any other way because my hair on top and around my head area was so thin you could read a comic book through the strands of hair that were holding on for dear life. I have some fond memories of those brave hair strands and will remember them always.

I struggled with this baldness from age 18 until age 21. At age 21, my wife and I got hitched. Now do not read into this segment that marrying the love of my life was the reason for my balding. This was going on before we met.

Charles Barkley, NBA legend with Phoenix Suns now TNT NBA analyst
Charles Barkley, NBA legend with Phoenix Suns now TNT NBA analyst | Source
Bruce Willis of Die Hard  installments and other hit films
Bruce Willis of Die Hard installments and other hit films | Source
Ed Harris, actor, starred in The Firm with Tom Cruise
Ed Harris, actor, starred in The Firm with Tom Cruise | Source

Years later

I was older and felt it necessary to change my appearance. When I did have what hair I was left with, I looked much like a circus clown and that did not fly with me. So one day I took some hair clippers (for humans, not pets) and buzz cut my hair down to the scalp. Wow! What a great feeling of sudden freedom.

But having patches of hair even so short you couldn't pinch them with your thumb and forefinger, so I took some Edge hair gel (pardon the commercial plug, Christy at HubPages), and in a few strokes, I was bald as a newborn babe. Now I admit that I was a novice in shaving my head, so there were a few bloody streaks left in the wake of my new look.

People at work and church all gasped in either surprise or delight. A mixed bag of human reaction. I simply told these people, "I wanted a new look. An efficient look, so here I am.." By efficient look I meant when getting ready to go with my wife to eat, I no longer had to blow-dry, comb and get my hair just right. With my new bald look I saved myself an average of 20 minutes. It worked, folks.

Dwayne ""The Rock Johnson  University of Miami grad, former pro wrestler,  actor
Dwayne ""The Rock Johnson University of Miami grad, former pro wrestler, actor | Source

And now, here is my headline and rest of my text to finish this hub:

Baldness Becomes Me and Here Are Reasons Why

Just for the ladies

Vin Diesel speaking at the  2013 San Diego Comic  Con International
Vin Diesel speaking at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con International | Source
Bill Goldberg famous WWF  wrestler and with goatee  he looks rough and is rough
Bill Goldberg famous WWF wrestler and with goatee he looks rough and is rough | Source
Telly Savalas and Sally Field   "Mongo's Back in Town"  Press Photo
Telly Savalas and Sally Field "Mongo's Back in Town" Press Photo | Source
Yul Brynner from the  Solomon and Sheba trailer
Yul Brynner from the Solomon and Sheba trailer | Source

Efficiency: like I stated in the last paragraph above, I save 20 minutes or more each time that I get dressed for church or an outing. Plus, with showering the night before, add another 10 minutes to my dressing time. So all in all, I save a half an hour when I get ready to go somewhere.

Deception: I know that this word is harsh, but I suppose inside myself is "that" fear of my wife and I walking into a truck stop when traveling to just get a bite to eat and some tough trucker who holds hatred for regular motorists starts trouble with me. All I have to do now is look intently into his face and not bat an eye. The troublemaker is at a disadvantage. He (or she) doesn't know what I am capable of and frankly, neither do I about him or her. I could add, "I put up with punks like you in Vietnam and when I was made to retire, I said no more." If the troublemaker is not a Vietnam vet him or herself, I may have it made.

Looks: sure I want to be appealing, even "hot" to my wife and other women if they want to look at me. I admit honestly to having a male ego even at age 63. And truth be told, at my age, looks is all I have.

Self Entertainment: unless you are a man, you cannot understand this. Well, maybe you ladies get excited when you shave your legs. Yeah, you can relate. But I find it very entertaining to wet my head in hot water, lather the Creamo (Sorry, Christy at HubPages, for the cheap plug) on my scalp and within ten minutes, my head is pretty and slick again. Sometimes I shave my head twice to just make sure that I have gotten all of the straggler stubble.

Laziness: yes, this is the next-to-the- main reason I shaved my head years ago. I just got weary of the covering-up, combing over and trying desperately to look younger. I grew up. And hey, if the handsome guys in the photos above can look good with a bald head why can't I?

Male ego: when you look at all of the rich, powerful, attractive male celebrities with bald heads and then look at the photo of me, be honest, do you think that I could be mistaken for one of these handsome guys?

Thank you and good night, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Would you dare push this guy around?

Stone Cold Steve Austin professional wrestler, actor  also known as The Rattlesnake
Stone Cold Steve Austin professional wrestler, actor also known as The Rattlesnake | Source

© 2016 Kenneth Avery


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 

      24 months ago

      I think it's not the hair but the myths we have believed and the bad rap bald men have had by ads on t.v. trying to sell hair remedies or hair replacements.Trying to tell men they need hair to look good. As you can see comb overs don't look as good as a nice and neat bald head. Good for you. In my family my older brothers both are going bald. I have a widows peak that they say is a sure sign I am going to go bald too. So far my hair thinned out and I cut it short. Realistic and informative hub. Thanks for sharing. Now when I think of bald I think of the bald eagle so admired and loved. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your whole family.

    • suraj punjabi profile image

      suraj punjabi 

      2 years ago from jakarta

      I feel you. How you described that shiny patch of scalp which you could see through you hair is exactly how I felt. It sucks to loose hair and that too at such an early age. I start loosing hair even before I reached 10th grade! It really takes a toll on you self confidence. Alas.

      Now, I shave my head myself but I do not make it full bald, I just make it really short.

      Great Hub!

    • fpherj48 profile image


      2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Ken.....I have never really thought all that much about whether a man (young, old or in between) is bald, partially bald, receding or massive full head of hair. I do think men fret over this much more than they need to.

      The pictures of guys you've chosen to include here, IMO, are all basically attractive men and would be good looking with or without hair. Steve Austin, Vin Deisel and the Rock are definitely head-turners and would probably attract most women!

      Not sure why you allowed yourself to be photographed shirtless, but it definitely took away from the picture.

      We women all have our own idiosyncrasies. Unless a man is wrestling, swimming, sleeping or showering......why must they sit around the house shirtless?? It's shabby-looking......and if women are honest, they will admit they find it very unattractive. Just being honest! Bald is OK......but put a shirt on!

    • paperfacets profile image

      Sherry Venegas 

      2 years ago from La Verne, CA

      I found out during my spiked hair period most strangers of the younger age responded more favorably to me, even with the older face. Goes to show appearance makes a difference if it sparks the "you are like me" response.

      If you "are not like me" watch out. It is so basic and causes so much terrible.

      Now with baldness I guess it is about trend, and the "taking control, it will be all right" roles the bald man has played.

    • DreamerMeg profile image


      2 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Some years ago, a work colleague was collecting money for charity and I promised him £100, (about $140) if he used the lowest setting on the shaver. He did, I paid, but his wife wouldn't talk to him for weeks! I understand that baldness is supposed to signify masculinity, as apparently, it is linked to the level of the male hormone, testosterone. No wonder many top celebrities enjoy being bald. :D

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Good reasons to go with the bald look, Ken. If it guaranteed I'd look like The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) I'd do it too. I currently use a number 2 clipper on my head, but have been contemplating going even shorter and maybe shaving totally.

    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 

      2 years ago

      Good examples of your decision to be bald it's an expression of masculinity I think looks good on men including you .

      But I must say where is your shirt. Your wife might not like you showing your muscles my friend.


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