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Balkan Union : Solution For Crisis in Whole Region

Updated on May 26, 2012
European Union enlargement plan
European Union enlargement plan | Source

New Idea, may be a fundamental solution

New idea, of creating "Balkan Union", can be heard everywhere on Balkan. For those, who don't know what and where is Balkan, a little lesson: Balkan is an peninsula, located at South Central(Eastern) part of Europe. It has an important geopolitical place, and has been a target of many conquers. Balkan peninsula is "made of" (including) several countries like : Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, part of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Slovenia that kinda refuses it's ancestors that are from Balkan, and its position is hugely on Balkans. Many claim that Turkey is also on(in) Balkans, but if You take a look at Earth globe - it isn't all.

History, culture, common interest, and many other things are connecting many of these countries. These kind of connection can be the resolution for regional economic crisis, and it can be the crucial factor for stabilization in Europe and whole South-Eastern region.

With EU policy of integration Balkan countries into EU, that European Parliament adopted by signing the The Thessaloniki agenda for the Western Balkans: Moving towards European Integration - made an clear sign that European Union family is going to enlarge on this side. Because of crucial position of Serbia and other countries surrounding it, as an factor of peace and stabilization, European Union wants to see Croatia and Serbia as first countries from Balkan in EU. With announcing the end of negotiations with Croatia, high representatives of EU announced that Croatia will be the 28th country of EU in June 2013. Many representatives, of EU, are saying that : "After Croatia, EU will close it's door for some time."

Some "candidate" countries, like Macedonia and Turkey, are waiting for they inclusion into EU - for more than a decade now. Serbia gained its candidate for EU status, this year on 3rd March 2012. Negotiations should start on the end of the year, as Serbia made an huge step having its negotiation team negotiated the Kosovo* representation on regional and multinational forums, gatherings and etc. Kosovo with an star , like I wrote up, " Kosovo* " , and everywhere where Kosovo* is written, should contain the little "star" , as a footnote - which will stand for "neutral territory, under rulement of EULEX and KFOR by resolution 1244".

Geopolitical location crucial

Balkan peninsula marked on map of Europe. "Balkan Union" could be an gateway from crisis to Eastern countries in Europe.
Balkan peninsula marked on map of Europe. "Balkan Union" could be an gateway from crisis to Eastern countries in Europe.
Balkan peninsula, with its capitals and major cities.
Balkan peninsula, with its capitals and major cities. | Source

Can new idea change things on Balkan?

The new idea, of creating "Balkan Union", which should actually have for a goal free-trade agreement, visa-free zone, trade-agreements on multiple levels, and much more like free exchange of work-force. Basically, Balkan Union would have almost same standards as European Union has, just - it would be an federal based country, without taking national identity or pushing countries to accept some laws that wouldn't make anything better on some other soil.

Multi-ethnic and multi-cultural soil, as Balkan is - should have different laws, and it's crazy to have same, synchronized, local laws in - for instance - in Bosnia, and same ones in Serbia.

Balkan Union should be "an shelter" for all ex-Yugoslavian countries. The idea is to connect all those ex-Yugoslavian countries, maybe some new, and under new name - under new roof, make an inter-national agreements, and live some better life.

In times when EU, and USA are in huge crisis, just new unity can save the countries that aren't in any kind of big union.

Union with Russia is not rational - and it's been declined as idea on it's very start, but idea of creating ideal Balkan Union, that would be an ECC to EU, if it survives the crisis - would be an great response to World crisis.

Your thiking?

Do You think that union, as mentioned - could survive and see a daylight

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    • lafamillia profile image

      lafamillia 4 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      My God! Whoever reads this, take a look at the pool- survey that I've took just above.

    • profile image

      Nemanja 5 years ago

      Where is the question NOT POSSIBLE?

      That is absolutely rubbish, Croat, Serbs and Muslim could not leave again together because Croat and Muslim build thair countries on Serb land and with Serb's blood.