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Baltimore Mother Toya Graham

Updated on April 29, 2015

The story

What are your thoughts on Toya Graham's reaction “tough love” toward her son when she discovered her son with rock/rocks in his hands while protesting in Baltimore? The mother of 6 had this reaction (shown on youtube below) and response when discovering her son could potentially take part in rioting/looting, placing him in harms way of the police by his actions. When Toya Graham was interviewed she acknowledge the frustration of the community however she did not condone criminal activity and violent protest against the police.

RIP Freddie Gray

What are your thoughts?

What are your questions/thoughts?

Where was his father to step up?

He's one of 6 children, and no man could step in to be a presence in his life to make her son think twice about his actions?

Do you think Toya Graham did the right thing to prevent her son potentially becoming a target/victim by his actions?

What are your thoughts?

Baltimore Mother Toya Graham


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