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Baltimore Riots, Chris Rock, Prince and "Fly By" Activism

Updated on May 14, 2015

The Problem with "Fly BY" Activism

Baltimore, Maryland was a colony that used to be predominately Catholic and predominately mulatto or mixed race European and African. During the days of colonial slavery, in what is now the United States & present day Maryland, the mixed-race Afro-Euro population of Maryland out-numbered both African slaves and European Settlers.

What I have been witnessing in the United States, for the past 30 plus years, has been law enforcement gone wild. The prison industrial complex, which is now augmented with private prisons, which have 'public traded prison stock' blown through the roof, due to not just subsidizing of regular prisons but by Wall St Bankers that use prisons and the enslavement of human cargo, as a way to turn a profit.

There are more African American Males in prisons in 2015 America; than were African Slaves during Colonial America.

President Obama and the elitist media, that do not even use the same entrances or exits while flying at airports, which the rest of us peasants have to use, have become big on mentoring.

Mentoring is an important aspect for many people and mentoring/apprentices used to be a great way of getting into a career in this country. If one wanted to become a judge, in the 1800’s, the person would mentor under a sitting judge and learn the in’s & outs of a judgeship.

Mentoring young kids, while a noble thought, is only a tiny band aid being slapped on a big gaping wound that has a compound fracture. If the United States Government (Federal and State) would have not started a mass genocide program against black men, that saw them vanish from American Life, then there would be fathers to raise kids in the inner cities.

I was on Twitter and I saw Comedian Chris Rock tweet about 'standing for justice doesn’t allow one to be neutral' but this highly talented and successful comedian was not about to cancel his paid gig in Kentucky, at the car race, to perform a free comedy show in Baltimore or even Ferguson, Missouri.

This is what gays and lesbians in Indiana called “Fly By” Activism. “Fly By” Activism is when special interest groups, celebrities or even government/politicians come into a place, make a lot of nice sounding noise and then leave, before the job is done, leaving an already vulnerable population; even worse off than when they started before the media storm.

We, in America, do not just have “Fly By” Activism for blacks, gays, inner cities and other vulnerable populations but we also practice this “Fly BY’ strategy on a global level, which has meant a failed global policy in places like Iraq and even in parts of Africa. We go in, “Fly BY’ and then when the dust is settled, like in Iraq, we were left with Bush Administration backed mad men being funded and trained by Iran.

I would like to commend the musical artist Prince (Formerly Known as Prince, Symbol, Prince) for doing a concert in Baltimore to help bring healing to a land that is clearly filled with some great looking people of African descent, that have a long history in the establishment of the United States of America, but a land that is hurting and in pain.

The artist Prince has long been a seeker of truth, illumination and someone who wanted to enlighten the world. This Baltimore concert, which is being slammed by white radical racist like Texas Radio Host, Alex Jones, was not the first time that he has stirred controversy through his music. In 2004, Prince released a track titled Cinnamon Girl, starring New Zealand actress Keisha Castle-Hughes as a suicide bomber.

Prince is a black artist, that always tries to understand the deep eco-sociology effects on why young people are struggling with anger, hostility, self-worth issues (they have no jobs) and in the case of the Mid East, he also tried to understand the motives on what would make a young female blow herself up.

In conclusion, I think that it is very important for artist, tech corporations and even politicians (all though we can’t expect much from that crowd in DC) to not become “Fly By” Activist and then fade away when the Anti-Gay Pizza Shop in Indiana is no longer hip or when a 16 year old black boy with a rock in Baltimore is no longer sexy.


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    • profile image

      CreoleFolks 2 years ago

      Misconduct among black and latino cops is a major problem but it gets little attention, especially in Latino areas, because its considered same-race abuse and therefore not worthy of addressing by the local governments. It is like same sex rape in the military; its just not considered an assult on the level had it been man/woman rape.

    • profile image

      big daddy oreo 2 years ago

      I think the white police should go undercover as black police. There is a book called black like me where a white man went undercover as a black man. Black skin would be like a shield for the police.

      I myself would like to permanently change my skin color to black.

      Black skin makes you look stronger and younger is a hit with the ladies is good for protection like a shield gives you more flexibility on what you can and can not say.