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Ban bossy, seriously?

Updated on September 22, 2014

Uninspired beginnings

If you are reading this, then you probably don't need me to explain the back story. Just do a search, and you'll see more radical feminism run amok in the form of some celebrities and political figures making a vain attempt at encouraging you to stop using the word "bossy" toward young girls. The theory is that by a certain age if they are called bossy, they will be less likely to seek leadership positions and so on. Moreover, using it against women in general is supposed to be inappropriate and highly discouraged. We get to hear a few anecdotes from these women about how they were called bossy as girls, implying they almost didn't make it to where they are today because of it. The end product comes off as phony sincerity, almost like an SNL parody. After watching it, you are supposed to instantly realize your passive role in the oppression of women all these years and should atone for your sins by not using the word.

PC absurdity

Let's just assume that what they say is completely true for a moment. Then, why would you only make a far left reaching campaign against a single word against one demographic? How could I possibly take this effort of picking and choosing which words offend which people any more seriously than another one? A ton of people are offended by a lot of words. Some may also even potentially stifle certain development as well, but it varies so greatly from person to person and word to word. So officially dubbing "bossy" as this magical be all end all dog whistle term for female leadership hindrance is as pretentious as it gets. I got called a dork in school, now everyone PLEASE feel so sorry for how my life turned out. And another thing, maybe if you also said you shouldn't call boys bossy either, I'd at least give you the award for having a consistent and equal application. I'd love it if these same people also made a push for other narrow bans to balance it out, such as "creepy" for men.


Let's jump ahead to adult women being called bossy. Apparently, it's now become sexist to use that term, especially in the workplace. But wait, does this at all apply to calling men bossy? Nope. So right away I'm completely done caring, just based on the sheer sexism on who it's allowed to be openly applied to and who it's not. Here's the sad fact, anyone, including women, can actually be accurately described as bossy if the shoe fits. It's just an adjective and they used to be great in aiding description with spoken language. Men have been called everything in the dictionary for years, yet are there any efforts to weed out any of those negative terms. Not really. But is there effort after attempt after campaign after raising awareness after special program to solely benefit women in advancing through life's hurdles? Yes. Zero sexism outcry there, even when it's officially for women. But a word as benign as "bossy" is the real problem with society out it all makes sense...

The sexist card

So even after all that, we still must do more for just never ends. You see this all the time in politics, usually from liberals, where there is any sort of negative comment against a female candidate or officeholder and it is instantly decried as sexist. Case closed, you lose. It's like they want immunity from criticism. How often do you hear about a comment against a male politician being labeled as sexist? It might be never. Even if the comment openly addressed his maleness as being a problem, it would be given a healthy pass. It's stunning. Historically, men have been in a lot of power positions and have been subject to a plethora of valid and unfair scrutiny for everything. But the second a women gets some of that same scrutiny that accompanies the territory of rising through the ranks, it can't be tolerated the same way and every attempt is made to cast it as solely being inspired by her gender. Some sexism does exist out there, but it's not a one way street and the street isn't as wide as it's made out to be. But if you really want to involve everyone and be taken remotely seriously, get real and get off trying to act so helpless that you need to control people through eliminating one word for one group.

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