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Bangladesh and Pakistan : The Table Has Been Turned

Updated on February 17, 2016


written by Rahman, A.

Everything changed on the night of 25 March 1971; The black day in history of Pakistan. That day Pakistan was divided into Two parts mainly due to arrogance of West Pakistanis. West and East was indeed together but West Pakistanis never considered the East Pakistanis to be their own. They always seen Themselves as superior because they had better economy and Social conditions but Today the table has been turned, Today while the so called Superior Pakistan is facing millions of problems and one of the worst Performing economy in the world, It's former counterpart Bangladesh is considered the Economic Miracle of 21st century and the next Asian Economic Superpower. Why? What has pushed Pakistan Back and Pulled Bangladesh front?

West Pakistani Politicians and their Failed Diplomacy

West and East Pakistan was located strategically surrounding it's arch rival India, and It is a fact that Pakistan as united was more powerful than India back in 1960 but arrogance of West Pakistani Government (not people) led to the worst day in history of Pakistan. A small argument occurred when Jinnah tried to impose Urdu on Bangladeshis (In 1952) but it became big when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman won the presidential election by 60:40 ratio but West Pakistan refused to hand over power to him because he was East Pakistani. The Situation is more like Indians saying Modi can't become the prime minister because he is from Gujarat and not Delhi. This wasn't all; Regereded as Pakistan's National Hero; Yahya Khan went the next level by sending Pakistani Troops to East Pakistan to kill anyone people randomly.

It is very unfortunate and funny at the same time that Pakistan was under someone's leadership who couldn't even keep 2 states united while India is keeping 29. Basically the Whole West Pakistan shouldn't be blamed, It's only handful of Politicians because there were some great such as Ayub Khan (during his reign Pakistan has developing as a whole) but politicians such as Bhutto and Yahya divided the most powerful Islamic Nation on earth and India took an advantage of It.

Economy 2014

If Pakistan and Bangladesh was united, by 2020 our (Pakistanis and Bangladeshis) economy would total up to $1.4 Trillion, but also some could say that Bangladesh would also become the target of Terrorism but what's gone is gone for good. Once neglected as Poor and Backward by West Pakistan; It's former counterpart Bangladesh today provides a better life for it's people; economically, socially, and provides a safe society to it's citizens and better future for the next generation.

Today, The table has been turned. 43 Years ago what West Pakistanis said about Bangladeshis, Today Bangladeshi people can say the same to Pakistani Citizens.


Export: Bangladesh vs Pakistan 
Tourism: Bangladesh vs Pakistan
Megapolis: Dhaka vs Karachi

Bangladesh Economy is Unstoppable While Pakistan's Economy is the Worst of South Asia

Bangladesh's economic growth is termed by many economists (famously Goldman Sachs) as the miracle of the East, From 1990 to 2014, The GDP Growth never slipped below 6% (6.2% percent has the lowest) and now Bangladesh is expecting 7.2% GDP Growth from 2015.

On the other hand, Pakistan has suffered a severe damage in economy because of Terrorism Activities because Pakistan do have the ability to build a strong economy. Pakistan's GDP Growth has been as low as 1% (1997) and currently it's 4.2%.

The reason behind this is political extremism caused by Taliban (Taliban have no association with Islam). The scenario in two biggest Muslim countries will give you a shock; In Last 4 Years approximately 7,000 Terrorist attacks took place in Pakistan and The Figure in Bangladesh is Zero (Not a single terrorist attack); While Pakistani Government is silent about this issue, on the other hand Bangladesh Government has placed this issue on top priority although not a single terrorist attacks took place in last 5 years.


(click column header to sort results)
GDP Today (PPP)  
GDP PPP (2020)  
GDP Today (Nominal)  
GDP 2020 (Nominal)  
$414 Billion
$685 Billion
$185 Billion
$316 Billion
$532 Billion
$690 Billion
$227 Billion
$300 Billion
Despite Having much lower Population, Bangladesh is expected to takeover Pakistan's economy by 2020-21 if the current growth continues


Per Capita Nominal (2014)
Per Capita Nominal (2020)
Per Capita PPP (2014)
Per Capita PPP (2020)


190 Million (2014)
158 Million (2014)
210 Million (2020)
167 Million (2020)

Will people be able to prevent terrorism in Pakistan?

See results

Interesting Facts

  • Till Now, Pakistan lost over $100 Billion only because of Terrorist Attack
  • West Pakistan consisted of 46% while East Pakistan was consisted of 56% Population in 1971
  • Ayub Khan's vision was to make Chittagong (Bangladesh) the industrial hub of Pakistan and today It is the industrial hub of Bangladesh; a place where $30bn worth of garments come from.
  • The Pakistan Nuclear Program started in 1667 in Bangladesh (East Pakistan), but was later stalled because of War of 1971.
  • Bangladesh and Pakistan both exported garments worth of $2bn in 2002; $6bn in 2006, but today Bangladesh export Garments worth of $30bn while Pakistan only export $10bn.
  • India and Pakistan was on the last step to sign a deal where India would give up West Bengal to Pakistan but on the last moment they took half of Punjab instead.
  • Before 1971, A Pakistani Politician termed Bangladesh as uncivilized and said "Bangladeshis doesn't deserve to use toilet"; ironically, Today Bangladeshis have better sanitation access than Pakistan (81% Bangladesh - 66% Pakistan)
  • Economists predicted that Bangladesh's export will rise to $60bn by 2021.
  • In 2030; Bangladesh will be the only upper-middle income economy in Subcontinent.


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    • AshutoshJoshi06 profile image

      Ashutosh Joshi 7 months ago from New Delhi, India

      I have still not understood why Pakistan remains in denial of what they did in east Pakistan. I became aware of it while researching on my hub. Before I thought it was only about Hindus.

      Knowing how Pakistan plundered the wealth, destroyed infrastructure and buthchered the bright minds of Bangladesh along with genocidal killings and rapes, its truly commendable where Bangladesh stands today especially compared to Pakistan.

      Certainly not the end of the road though and definately long way to go.

    • profile image

      Hossain 8 months ago

      Thank you for the fact full historical comments. BTW Ayub Khan was a great leader and friend of Bangladesh.

    • profile image

      A.K.M. Jahidul Islam 12 months ago

      Bangladesh are growing so fast with big determination in their economic strength. In 1971 Bangladesh started fully empty. No single foreign currency in hand. Today scenario has completely changed. Foreign currency reserve $32 Billion Pakistan $23 Billion, Export $35 B Pakistan $21 Billion, Literacy 67% Pakistan 56%.

    • profile image

      Shawon Ahmed 12 months ago

      In 1990... Pakistan GDP and PPP was Double than Bangladesh... Now Bangladesh Economy is nock in the door to Over Pakistan Economy... Now are Economic Growth around 7%... After 3-4 later it Reach 8%...Bangladesh is devlop evey side as a need for a Country....Study,Infrastructure, Electricity, Transportation, Human Devlopment all in Bangladesh, which Role model of Other Countries... Because,Bangladesh Start from 0 in 1971.....World Bank,Asian Devlop Bank,IMF all are indicate that, Bangladesh is the next Economic power after 203.......... On the other hand Pakistan Continue their Poor Economic Growth... If Pakistan continue this kind of poor growth.... Bangladesh is over taken All sector than Pakistan...In 71 mistake is mainly for Bhutto and Yeya Yeya khan...They always neglect Bangali people...But Nowdays they don't see that Bangladeshi is doing better than their own Country people.... If they didn't the mistake.... The United Pakistan could be the best Powerful country in world...!!!

    • Monfernape profile image

      Usman Khalil 12 months ago from Pakistan

      It's a fact that ZA Bhutto took many wrong decision and in my opinion is one of the main factors why this incident happened. But on the other side, no one can deny India's role in causing the whole trauma.

    • profile image

      Sam 12 months ago

      Table has been changed in 2016 because of cpec,but we wish you best of luck,because you're our Muslims brothers no matter we separate or not,and as you mentioned it was yahya and Bhutto fault,later on Bhutto hanged in Pakistan because of his bad policy towards bd.but you didn't mention mufti bhani and his army who occupied bd and took control of government earlier he was trained by Indian army

    • profile image

      Said 13 months ago

      If Mujib became the PM of Pakistan in 1970 then BD would stay as a part of Pakistan. Mujib got the majority sits in parliament. For Bhutto and others Bangladesh born.

      The worst befit of India against Pakistan was in 1965 for east Bangla regiment. In 1965 a Bengali pilot Stooped Indian air force with a backdated Fighter aircraft. He also destroyed 3 Israeli aircraft. Best performing pilot in Pakistani air force. But there wasn't any high ranking Bengali officer in Pakistani military.

      More ever in 1965 Bangladesh was unprotected against India. Indian air force bombed in Rangpur and Dinajpur region without any threat from Pakistani military. Because there wasn't much defense.

      In 1952 Jinnah tray to make Urdu the only governmental language. That was against Bengali sentiment.

      For 1952 Bengali started feeling insecure. In 1965 the insecurity grows. India didn't Launce a full faze attack in BD because the wanted to show Bangladeshi that Pakistani government love Panjab more than Bangladesh. Pakistan threatened India that if India attack BD the will attack Panjab. It was enough for Bangladeshi to feel more insecure.

      The at last in 1970 Mujib won the election with majority sits and get the right to become the PM of Pakistan. But Pakistani Military and politician didn't accept him as PM.

      So Bangladesh started fighting for independent and got that at 16th December, 1971.

      And now, Pakistani helped USA against Afganistan also a Muslim country and getting the punishment, called terrorism. Just Analise the the statistics before 2001 and after 2001.

      Pakistan is the only Nuclear power among Muslim country and also one of the strongest military. Pak military can fight in desert, Hill, ice, plain land. Very few military can do that all.

      The economy is still running though a lot of insecurity in the country though the growth is slow but growing.

      Pakistani government shouldn't make any more wrong decision like 1952, 1970-71, 2001.......

      Bangladesh is growing but there are many problem too. Bangladesh should stand on it's own ground not like younger brother of India.

      BD should realize that India helped BD to divide Pakistan not for helping BD.

      We should understand Muslim have no friends excepts Muslims.

    • profile image 14 months ago

      India is the best

    • profile image 14 months ago

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    • profile image

      naimur 14 months ago

      Afrad Amhad, may be u said correct (?). Pakistan is much better in making weapons which used to war not for peace. Weapons are not proper way of solutions and never bring peace. I think if you become the pm of pakistan, pakistan will be more divided, what your uncles did 50 years ago. Please, clean up mindset.

    • profile image

      Fahad 14 months ago

      No use of living in the past, we share a religious bond that should trump everything else. I love my Bangladeshi brothers and hopefully they have forgiven us for our mistakes....

    • profile image

      Afraz Amjad 15 months ago

      pakiatan is much better than bangl desh in terms of science, technology,weapons, and even Islamically........ And now what Bangla deshi politicians are doing?..Doing Raam Raam to India.?... And the brutuality of S.Haseena is worth mentioning...... So Bangla deshis keep your fingers over yourself and your own politicians......

    • profile image

      rony 15 months ago

      As a bangladeshi we r happy to b independent.thats the best achievement for us..pakistani people r facing their karma..We hate those criminals who killed and rape our people...may Allah punish them...good luck bbangladesh

    • profile image

      Mahmud 16 months ago

      As a bangladesi, I feel Bangladesh and Pakistan are brother. Political separate us. Pakistan army is very strong and they are better than Indian army but pak-army has not enough knowler to fight in the field. That's why they lost 1971 war. I always feel Pakistan is our brother how they killed or rape their own brother or sister. It was big mistake that they did. I feel Pakistani people are more better than Indian people.

    • profile image

      Parimal C Bhowmik 17 months ago

      There is sharp increase in ISIS activities and ill treating to the Hindus in Bangladesh, which may turn to a country like Pakistan, Afghanistan, ..?

    • profile image

      S.Cho 18 months ago

      Mr Adnan, you visited Bangladesh in 2007 but I visited in 2010 and 2015. The economic condition is completely changed within a few years.The current GDP is above 7%, BD is building one of the longest bridges in Asia with their own money, erecting one of the tallest building (142 story) in the world. The foreign currency reserve is nearly 30 billion USD , number one garment exporting country...........Just amazing....

    • profile image

      Md. Amir Hossain 18 months ago

      Please, Stop comparing between Bangladesh & Pakistan.

    • profile image

      AdnanOfNewYork 22 months ago

      In 2007 I visited Bangladesh. That year gas prices soared and President Bush declared, "we will no longer depend on Middle-East fossil-fuel". Right after that US stopped exporting corns to other countries and used it for producing ethanol. Since then, ethanol was used with regular gasoline to bring gasoline price down. This practice is still in use today. Suddenly, food price went up because of corn. In US corn is used for cow and poultry feed. Corn-syrup is used almost food items. So price of milk, eggs , bread and all corn-based food price went up. Countries who were dependent for their food on US were immediately effected by this harsh reality. For example Haitian people relied on corn-export from US, they started experiencing starvation and people were eating "dirt-sandwich". Haitian people forgot farming for long time and was heavily relied on US for food. There were long lines in stores in Egypt for breads and people were fighting. Rice exporting countries also stopped exporting rice. Back then, Bangladesh was still importing rice from India, Vietnam, Thailand. But now we are self-sufficient on Rice, we are rather exporting it. So once I reached Bangladesh from New York, I thought I would see hungers, strikes, lots of beggars on the street, chaos and price-surge in foods and gasoline. What i saw, i could not even believe. Yah gasoline price did go up but did not have any major effect in BD, because they were already started using CNG engine in their autos. In BD we have abundance stock of natural gas which is converted to liquid gas to use in in Autos and its price is quite cheap. And food price is pretty much stable, because over last few decades BD did a revolution in food production. I traveled other districts and my home districts, i did not observe extreme poverty anywhere . Yes I did come across with beggars but to my surprise, many of them even were carrying cell phones, some of them were selling goods.

      Yes i did see lot of improvement in the infrastructure and mobility.. and really felt good. There is a growing middle-class, and i saw poor people are more conscious, aware and active, majority are doing some sort of business. I found people are more financially stable than it used to be in the 90's. BD is improving little by little, which is a good sign, but its politics still dirty, crime rate and corruption are so shocking. As we all know now, sustainable development should take a holistic approach towards notions progress .. so just GDP is not enough for a nation to be happy, we also should give equal importance to non-economic aspects of well-being. , we all have to believe in Gross Domestic Happiness like Bhutanese people

    • profile image

      Partha 22 months ago

      Why arrogance Pakistan , all department we are lead from them without terrorism .....Joy Bangla

    • profile image

      Hasnat 22 months ago

      Bangladesh is better than Pakistan in all aspects. Although it is unpleasant but true that most of the Pakistani people are the supporters of extremism and have indirect support to terror activities in the neighbouring countries. They (Paki army and ISA) are still exporting terrorism to the neighbouring countries including Bangladesh and spending a huge amount of money to patronise the terrors in the world. Recently, two Paki diplomats in Dhaka were caught red-handed with huge fake currencies of a neighbouring country, while distributing money to the terrors working against Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi people will never forget what Pakistani army did in 1971 (killed 3 million innocent people and raped over 200000 women) and they never apologised for these. The Paki people should have learn a lot from Bangladesh, how to develop a nation within a couple of decades, how to practice democracy and how to root-out extremism & terrorism from the country.

      My comments are not emotional at all but fully based on facts and my long practical experience in dealing with the Pakistani people. If they don't understand and don’t start to rectify themselves from now, I am sure, Pakistan will never be bounced- back and will go to hell slowly. It doesn't need any action from outside countries.

    • profile image

      Shomsher Uncle 22 months ago

      At least we don't get our asses blown up with suicide bombing !! Thanks to almighty. Numbers and economy can wait.

    • profile image

      mahmudul hoque khan dulal 22 months ago


    • profile image

      Tonmoy Barua 22 months ago

      To know your position u have to know your HISTORY......... WE WILL DWELL IN PAST & REMEMBER OUR HERO....If u have #PROBLEM Than Don't Come here & COMMENT ...WE DON't TAKE SUGGESTION FROM YOU #KHALED

    • profile image

      Third View 22 months ago

      Political stability is the key to economic development. Since 1992, Bangladesh has been enjoying democracy (though not perfect form), which helped the business to grow. A tight grip on religious fundamentalism also helped Bangladesh. Economic growth is not miracle. Pakistan can also achieve this if it can gain political stability and check the religious fundamentalism.

    • profile image

      Khaled 22 months ago

      No need to reopen old wounds. Most of the people who created all the trouble from both countries are now gone. Both nations have moved on. No need to dwell in the past.

    • profile image

      Sayeed 22 months ago

      @ Brother Diwan, you must know the political and economic history of your country first. Do you know where Muslim League was formed? Who proposed two Muslim states in Indian subcontinent in 1940 at a conference of Muslim league in Lahore? What was the main export of Pakistan in 50's? Do you know that only about 30% of that income used to be spent for Bangladesh, the than East Pakistan? All Pakistani government used to say that Bangladeshis are not suitable for army as they are short. This was a cunning excuse to keep Bangladeshi people from Pakistan Army (a huge job market). M. A. G. Osmani was the youngest Major of British Indian army. But he was only promoted to Colonel before he was retired from Pakistan army in 60's. His junior West Pakistani officers were promoted to Major Generals before his retirement. Now look at Bangladesh army, they are more disciplined and professional than Pakistani army. They are helping build the nation, they are not power hungry corrupt like Pakistan army. I personally do not hold any grudge against Pakistan. I only expect that Pakistan will learn from their mistakes. Otherwise, doomsday is awaiting Pakistan.

    • profile image

      Iqbal 23 months ago

      If in bangladesh the corruption rate is only 20% out of 100% now(spouse) i bet u in ten year pakistan woudnt be near to bangladesh never do india in any field economy,education,soicial growth,

    • profile image

      AbhishekOMG 2 years ago

      a friend told pakistan is the fastest growing muslim economy .... really? 4 % or i think its actualy below 4 % (3.7 % around).... FORGET ABOUT INDIA at the moment BANGLADESH RUN 2X then pakistan now PAKISTAN CANT FIND WAY SO BASICALY THEY START SELLING there land and ports INDUSTRY to CHINA FOR FEW billion DOlller . W8 AND WATCH THIS CHINES PURELY DOING BUSINESS TO PAKISTAN THEY R NOT FRIEND OF PAKISTAN THEY JUST EXTRACT ALL THE JUICE OF PAKISTAN IN FEW YEAR ..................... few pakistani friend crying that if pakistan not divided ... same question if AKHAND BHARAT NOT DIVIDED .. THEN INDIAN ECONOMY top of the world...PAKISTANI ARMY was main enemy of PAKISTAN .. pakistan army divide pakistan in 2 to part and prove that MD.ALI JINHHA's 2 NATION THEORY IS FAILD ....when 11 LAC refuge come bangladesh to india in 1971 and INDIA decided to help bangladesh to its freedom ...and INDIA full fill his word now bangladesh at in position to do what ever they want to do ..feel what ever they want to feel ... and still india helping bangladesh by providing electricity and INVESTING in BD (TATA AND OTHER S ) BANGLADESH ENJOYING 6 % GDP ATM....AND HAHAHHA H... POOR PAKISTAN and pakistani CRYING for TERRORISM .. ITS LOOK LIKE FATHER (pakistan) OF son(terrorist) CRYING that his sone not listing HIs words ... pakistan is the home land of terrorist.. and Gen.. zea-ul-haq was that man who push pakistan into dark age...and still pakistan runing is same path so ..congratz to this leader....:)...BUTTOS slogan if pakistan have to eat grass for nuclear bomb PAKISTAN will eat grass .. so now pakistan have nuke but as his word they still eating grass ...and they will do it .. JAISA LEADER WAISA DESH ... DONT BLEM BANGLADESH AND INDIA ... NOW 1 THING PAKISTAN CAN DO THEY SELL THERE LAND TO CHINA AND CHINA GIVE SOME BILLION TO PAKISTAN and PAKISTANI CAN FEEL THE ARE RICH .... and THEY CAN SHOW OFF LIKE THAT and in dream THEY ARE FASTEST GROWING MUSLIM COUNTY .......?

    • profile image

      Tariq 2 years ago

      Bangladesh Army is the highest number (approximately 10,000) working in United Nations (UN). They successfully in beating many big nations/countries. It is because of their quality, merits, discipline and professionalism. We are proud of them. They are our brothers.

      Many of our businesses are going to Dhaka and they are doing good and earning more profit than Pakistan. They get support in the form of cheap gas and electricity. Bangladesh did good. They now have more toilets than all in South Asia and their baby mortality rate is also lowest in South Asia. Literacy rate is better than Pakistan. Women empowerment is happening. No Hindu, Shia, Christian fighting. No Terrorism. It is a PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC. Let us work together as brother. It only can bring "WIN WIN " situation for both of us.

    • profile image

      Ashfaq 2 years ago

      Diwan I feel as a Pakistani we should know the history first and then comment. It seems that yu do not know the history. It will be better to know. You should know how we mistreated our Bengali brothers and even they were more in numbers and used to earn more than western past i.e. west Pakistan. We did not do justice. We killed them and raped them in 1971. Bangladesh started from zero in 1971. We took away all their assets. But they have comeback. Just respect them. It will be our good mentality. Allah help us and all.

    • profile image

      Diwan 2 years ago

      I wish best luck for Bengladesh people. But I am unable to understand the reason for blaming Pakistani Gov for mistreatment of Bengla nation. Out of 4 first Governor Generals of Pakistan 2 were Bengalis. And if you take Jinnah out of that list it becomes 2 out of 3. Out of the first 5 PMs of Pakistan 3 were Bengalis. If you take Laiqat Ali Khan out 3 out of 4 were Bengalis. There were times when both Governor General and PM were Bengali. If you suggests the Gov was rude and had attitude it was people from your own nation, why blame Pakistanis to that??

    • profile image

      Hasan 2 years ago

      Bangladesh has a great potential to do much better than Pakistan. They have proved it. Separation in 1971, was good for Bangladesh. Bangladesh Army is doing better than Pakistan Army. BD Army earns a lot of foreign currency from UN and take part in nation building. BD army is running many successful business like 5 star hotels and chain shops. Women empowerment is best among Muslim countries.

    • profile image

      Mir 2 years ago

      Bangladesh has taken a better decision by going away from us. Because our Big Mostache Men used to call them poor....!!! Now they are doing good in all fields...including Bangladesh Army is highest in number in United Nations Missions abroad....

    • profile image

      Ahmad 2 years ago

      Being a Pakistani citizen we feel really bad that pakistan divided into 2 countries due to vested interests of selfish politicians who have damaged Pakistan. Pakistan has the tendency to grow fast but this terrorism is like a cancer which has spread in Pakistan. If Pakistan n bangladesh were 1 country, today we wouldn't have seen Any terrorism.

    • profile image

      Pak Sonul 2 years ago

      Pakistan has become the fastest growing Muslim economy as of 2015.

    • profile image

      futurebangladesh 2 years ago

      This Data is purely based on the current economic situations in Both Countries. If Pakistan Bounces Back, Nobody will be more happier than me.

    • profile image

      thirdway 3 years ago

      its not good can do better if only the politics was cleaned up.we need new leadership.

    • profile image

      hi 3 years ago

      Bangladesh better thank Pakistan - fact

    • profile image

      Adnan 3 years ago

      I don't know why you are comparing and contrasting but let me clear you on one point. You talk about 2030 and all your Info is on projections u have made. Pakistan's economy will bounce back and scourge of terrorism will fall away. If you are still alive after 20 years we will see where u stand

    • profile image

      anon 3 years ago

      Do you have references for the west bengal deal you mentioned at the end?