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Barack Obama: A New Year, a New Beginning

Updated on November 13, 2017
Diplomacy equals bilateral talk
Diplomacy equals bilateral talk

"The people of the world have always been impressed by the power of our examples than the examples of our power”

On September 6, 2008, Chinese President Hu Jintao met with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at which time they discussed the peaceful settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue through dialogues and negotiations. During this dialogue, Hu added, China as always and will continue to push for the settlement of this issue through peaceful negotiations.

Now, President Obama launched his first major diplomatic talk, basically asking the Iranian leaders to unclench the hand, and somehow we’re not all contempt with the message. What else could he have suggested on this “New Day” celebrated by the Iranian people. If it’s not a welcome to new relations between the two nations, what else could he have proposed?

President Obama acknowledges the lack of diplomacy over the last few decades between the two countries and proposed engagement that are honest and grounded in mutual respect. That my friend is the change we seek. Having the capacity to acknowledge our mistakes and make appropriate measure to change them is what civilized nations do.

If the Chinese government who lends us money is willing to push for settlements that bring about peaceful negotiations with the Iranians people then I really don’t see why we should be bitter about the president attempt to initiate peaceful engagement through bilateral talk. It would seem to me that any friend of China would be a friend of US. Isn’t it obvious that any conflict with Iran might compromise our relationships with China, because If China and Iran shares common interest than our interest should be in consistency with the interest of those two countries, unless off-course we don’t consider China a friend or and allie of ours.

Since China is our friend and an allie than to value their agreements with the Iranian government, could be advantageous to us. Perhaps, it may be an attempt for the Chinese government to heal old sore and create a platform for new trade agreements between United States and Iran. Since China and United States are business partners and friends, it is only profitable for the Chinese government to look to secure their investments by engaging in bilateral talk with the Iranian government.

The attempt for China to prevent conflict between United States and Iran is not only beneficial for China, but it's also advantageous to Iran, Israel, United States and its Citizens. Having owed China so much money, it is in their interest for them not to see us engage in another additional conflict. The more we can focus our attention into rebuilding our nation, the more promising business with China & the United State will be. Through rebuilding our nations we will then be able to cut our budget deficit and start paying back our debt to China.

Like the ice burg where only 10% is above the surface and 90% below, we may never know what Iran has hidden below their territorial surfaces if we don’t take considerable measure to steer our foreign policies towards better relations. In this case, to avoid surprises, a bipartisan approach is what we should look forward to. It is only then, we’ll be able to communicate in a more productive manner. By taking this advice, as a result more destructive thoughts could become apparent and reveal to us, and through bilateral talk better way to resolving these conflicts will also becomes visible.

On a positive note, Iran may pose no threat to Israel or The United States. It might not be apparent now, but it’s a possibility. However, we may never know unless we’re communicating. Like I said before, when the loads are that heavy only minuscule steps can prevent them from falling. Well, the president attempt to engage in bilateral talk with Iran is one of those minuscule steps toward progress. Now it is the Iranians leaders turn to meet the president one step forward. As they have stated, “rhetoric is not enough” it is only a sign of skepticism which demonstrate demands for further actions on Obama’s part.

Whichever way we choose to think about the issue, the president message was justly delivered, especially during a time so dear to the Iranian people. The message was carefully calculated, the president touched on some important points that could really unclench the hands of the Iranian leaders for bilateral talk.

He wishes for a future with renewed exchanges among US and the Iranian people. He talked about opportunities for partnerships and commerce. He asked that the older vision be overlooked so that the chance for Israel and the neighboring countries of Iran can live in peace.

The president understands that it might not be easy for the Iranian government to quickly accept to this friendly jester, but this by no mean will disclaim the message. In the past few decades, they have been some confrontation between U.S and the republic of Iran; this is why if the two countries are going to talk it will be a cautious and a slow process. However, the message was clear; we wish to open the door for bilateral talk because it is only by communicating that we can come to an understanding for better relations.

President Clinton said at the Democratic National convention that “The people of the world have always been impressed by the power of our examples than the examples of our power”. Well, today our president Barack Obama has made us very proud with his first diplomacy talk. The people of the world can now be impressed with the power of our example.

This administration is dedicated to use diplomacy by way of bilateral talk to sort out our conflict. Taking such approach, the world once again will be able to view us as a leading nation; the example of our power will no longer be our first priority into resolving our conflict.

As a citizen and a grass root leader, I am committed to address the issues that surround this presidency until the end. As I have stated before, if canvassing to elect Barack Obama was the stepping stone than keeping him in check should only be the plateau. In this case, complementing him when he has done well is just as important as keeping him in check. Being quick to say that he’s moving too fast has left us unaware that this quickness is caused by the reflection of all the Americans that were left without a job. Some can argue that the reason why the president is moving so fast is unclear; however, the only thing we wish for him is that he be careful not to fall.


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    • Ben Zoltak profile image

      Ben Zoltak 

      9 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      Well said Coolbreezing. I especially thought these words of yours were poignant:

      "Isn’t it obvious that any conflict with Iran might compromise our relationships with China, because If China and Iran shares common interest than our interest should be in consistency with the interest of those two countries, unless off-course we don’t consider China a friend or and allied of ours. "

      Great Clinton quote too. I have been an advocate of President Obama, I was even lucky enough to vote him into the senate when I lived in Chicago! Only later did I find we both were born in the same state.

      Thanks for the education on the Chinese diplomacy, I have problems with their human rights issues, but crap you know, I have problems with ours too!

      Take it easy,


    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett-Irwin 

      11 years ago from The Great Northwest

      It's all good CB- I respect your views and intelligence!

    • Coolbreezing profile imageAUTHOR

      James Dubreze 

      11 years ago from New York, New York

      Thanks Izettl I'm glad you like it.  We both wants the best for our country and it is precisely why you skeptic about Obama.  Just give it some time before placing judgment. They will be obstacles but it's the way in which he solves them that we care about.

    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett-Irwin 

      11 years ago from The Great Northwest

      There is no doubt you know your politics and after reading this I have learned a lot becasue I am not a constant follower of news and happenings. Yes I did write a hub about Obama and less about politics, but more about him as a person and leader of our country. I have been a big studier of people form my schooling to work to people watching in my everyday life. I always look for the good in people, but some, like Obama, set off my skeptical radar. I think he is capable of a lot, but we are expecting more than a lot from him.

      I have to say the fact that he is moving fast and tackling multiple things simultaneously reassures me he is fully aware of the burden he carries as America's champion.


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