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Barack Obama - above all, a human

Updated on June 12, 2008

The Chambers Dictionary defines 'human' thus:

human [hú'mən],

adjective belonging to, relating to, or of the nature of, man or mankind; having the qualities of a person or the limitations of people; humane; not invidiously superior; genial, kind.

noun a human being.

When I was in elementary school, I was taller than the average boy. This, I discovered, was to my disadvantage when I had to stand in the queue for the lowest-priced ticket at the local cinema. The position of the taller boys in the queue always shifted in favour of the shorter ones, who could walk in late and join in at the front of the queue. The man in charge scrupulously enforced the rule of precedence of the short in stature. The logic behind the policy was simple: the shorter you are, the more disappointed you feel when you see the placard ‘Houseful' thrust in front of your face. In reality, the tall boys felt equally disappointed when they did not get tickets for the show. But, happily, those days are gone.

See how Chris Cillizza of Washington Post characterizes Obama's Democratic nomination:

"Sen. Barack Obama claimed the Democratic nomination for president in a speech in Minnesota tonight -- an historic achievement that for the first time will place an African American at the top of a major political party's ticket." (Bold mine)

Contrast that with what Obama himself has to say about the same event:

"Tonight I can stand here and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States..." (Bold mine)

(Source of above quotes:

While the columnist colours the event, the candidate describes it in black and white.

The point is that there are millions of people across the world who are happy that Barack Obama has won the nomination. Understandably, the Americans among them are particularly happy. Those who are happy can be happy because they believe that Obama, when elected to become President, will do a fine job. An enlightened electorate will seek to elect someone President when it believes that someone has what it takes to serve the nation and its people with care, intelligence and dedication. That should be the simple story. In time, we will know the people's verdict.

What is the need to exaggerate the event and dissipate energies in dramatics and sensationalism?

Who is doing this - the media, or the historians or even the normal, simple folks?

Listen to what Stephen Hawking has to say about his disability

I am quite often asked: How do you feel about having ALS? The answer is, not a lot. I try to lead as normal a life as possible, and not think about my condition, or regret the things it prevents me from doing, which are not that many.


He combines family life with research work and extensive travel and public lectures.

Isn't that wonderful? We don't have to be English or whatever else to admire the man.

While we rightly applaud those who achieve a lot, must we be intolerant of those who achieve less and belittle their deeds?

For, essentially, we admire and salute the achievement and, if the achiever declares the achievement as that of the humanity that he or she represents, then in that moment we all feel one and experience the glory and joy of being born as human.

The President of America has a job to do and that job has to be done well. Whoever does a fine job will deserve congratulations and support.

Well, if Obama steps into the White House, the structure might appear a trifle more illuminated in contrast. Not because of that, but because the people consider him the right man for the job that Obama would gain residence there. By the same token, when in a General Knowledge quiz a child is asked who the president of America is, I would want it to say ‘Mr Barack Obama', without having to add ‘the first African American', and be awarded full marks for the answer.


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    • d-richie93 profile image


      7 years ago

      This is a great hub. Yes Barack really is a man of change but above al he is human so he cannot turn stone into bread. People of America and Republicans need to take note of this. I have recently written a hub about baracks commomn sense immigration scheme. Please visit it and support the scheme and please tell me what you think by taking the poll. Again great hub.

    • vaidy19 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Chennai, India

      Hi Raja,

      I can't say yet. Things are fluid and Obama is still experimenting. Let's give him some more time.

      Thanks for the comment.


    • vrajavala profile image


      8 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      are you still happy with Mr. Obama?

    • vaidy19 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Chennai, India

      Congratulations are in order to Barack Obama and to the people of America. It's indeed a remarkable vindication of faith not just in the man, but also in the collective will of the people, to take the first and the most important step towards CHANGE.

      Hi G-Ma,

      Long time, and time to respond!


    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 

      10 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      Hummm ...well done.... but am not sure I want to respond:o) there is much to be seen as yet... Love ya G-Ma :o) hugs

    • MrMarmalade profile image


      10 years ago from Sydney

      great hub

      Thank you for the priledge of reading same.

      Keep them coming


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