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Barack Obama Presidential Candidate

Updated on September 27, 2010
Barack Obama, Presidential Candidate
Barack Obama, Presidential Candidate

Change We Can Believe In

Before a crowd of lucky 75,000 people in the stadium who got the chance to listen to this Presidential candidate, it is a "Remarkable work of oratory"... that is what Simon Marks CNA correspondent said. I agree with Simon when I listened it LIVE on the television today. I like his speech and what Obama is planning to do. I would have cheered him if I am a Democrat in the stadium.

Change happens because American demands it.... The Change is coming. When Barack Obama is President, I think there is going to be good time for America. However, what he is planning to do will not be easy. He cannot do it alone... he needs every American to work together, and no one can walk alone, no turning back, with so much work to be done.

What I like from Obama's Speech

1. His stress on Education as important. That is what I would endorse also, as I am also in the education business. Every child needs to be educated. Equal opportunity for all. Make every person relevant to the expectation of this global economy of the 21st century. I always believe Education will help a nation progress. I have seen how education brought families out of poverty. Every child needs to be educated and given equal opportunity.

2. I like what he said about training more good teachers and paying the teachers well. I believe teachers has a part in influencing our children, they help groom our children, and of course educate them for the future. Without good teachers, we will not have great leaders in our society today. Without good teachers, the country may not progress well. Yes! Pay teachers well!

3. As a father, I want to an active father, not a passive one who cannot connect with my children. Obama's plan to get fathers be responsible and take active roles is what I like. If every father not only in United States of America, but also in this world, is to start getting active and lead the family and children well, I just cannot imagine what the country and the world will be like. I can expect more positive things happening. Fathers..... stand up and do your part.... An Active Role! We need great role models... stand up! and be counted as one!

Economic and Politics

I will not dwell on this.... but I hope that the United States of America will allow positive change to happen and for the better of the country and her people, and allow every American to realise his or her own American Dream.

I am not an American, but I really feel the need when Obama calls for CHANGE.


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