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Has Barack Obama been blackmailed for being gay and married to a man?

Updated on November 8, 2014

Our President is gay and our first lady is a man?

The story about Barack Obama smoking crack and having gay sex with Larry Sinclair has been out since 2008. Now, the story that Michelle Obama is allegedly a man has gone viral. This morning I Googled "Barack Obama is gay" and got 52,900,000 hits. I then Googled "Michelle Obama is a man" and got 128,000,000 hits. Whew! Where there is a lot of smoke, you know what they say. Wouldn't this represent a great opportunity for Blackmail?

According to the legendary investigative reporter Sherman Skolnick, Chinese spies blackmailed Bill Clinton into committing treason by handing over top secret information to them. Skolnick also reported that Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu also blackmailed Clinton because of the Monica Lewinsky affair. Of course, with Bill Clinton, the Chinese, Russians, and many other countries probably had a good sized library full of pictures and video of Bill committing all sorts of blackmailable sexual misdeeds.

Perhaps the most grotesque example of blackmailable sexual activity among the rich and powerful is The Franklin Cover-Up. Senator John DeCamp wrote a book about it entitled "The Franklin Cover-Up, Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska". This was a gigantic sex scandal involving George H.W. Bush (Daddy Bush) and other very powerful men which has been strongly suppressed by the mainstream media. Check it out. It's as ugly as it gets.

Check out the little videos below and make your own decisions about this unattractive and potentially treasonous business.

Pastor Manning and Gay Obama

Larry Sinclair tells about his gay affair with Obama

Joan Rivers calls Barack gay and Michelle a Tranny

FBI Agent talks about Franklin Cover-Up


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