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Bashing China in the American Presidential Debates

Updated on October 19, 2012

China bashing is common in America for a variety of reasons: they took our jobs, they make shitty products, they make decent products, they have low prices etc. However, China and the US are so intertwined, they are the #1 and #2 manufacturing economies in the world, they are THE odd couple. Yes, China owns most of America's debt, which makes America tend to accept many of China's positions. China looks upon the US as a waning power and they are the ascending power.

The debate produced once again half-truths and flaws. Romney said the Obama administration allowed millions of jobs to go there due to excessive regulation and corporate taxes. Obama said it was because of Bain Capital, which Romney worked for, invested in companies in China that eventually moved the jobs there. Neither candidate addressed where the jobs would go if they had not gone to China-think Mexico and other countries. Obama noted how he saved 1000 jobs by slapping a tariffs on tire products. While true, the cost was very high- $1 billion in higher prices that Americans paid for. Each job that was saved cost around $900K.

Romney stated he would take on China head on calling it a currency manipulator, which is true, but Beijing has already responded that if Romney were to make good on his promise, it would retaliate in a trade war. It is just rhetoric.Obama tried in 2008 to deal with all these issues to no avail. China rebuffed him and Obama began to build up naval presence in the Asian waters. Beijing does not like this and is carefully challenging the US presence over islands that Japan and Philippines state are theirs. China has now decided to use drones over these islands. China vetoed Syrian intervention.

Romney's view of dealing with China is naive but appeals to Americans seeking to be numero uno again, Obama, knows way better and thinks he knows what he is doing. But does either candidate really think the Red Dragon is not going to challenging us in their own backyard?


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      That is why they are the sleeping dragon....

    • Johnkadu123 profile image

      Johnkadu123 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Thanks for the hub. It is never a good idea to bash your primary lender or else they may withhold their funds. Having said that, I am very worried about the prospect of China becoming a superpower. Their conduct in Syria shows what might be if they ever get to the top.

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      Contrary to Romney, Obama has the experience of governing. Consequently, I would assume that he knows what he's talking about in matter of working policies, economically.

      It interesting that you referred to China possible use of drones versus the US using drones all over the world!

      What we easily forget is that China did not put a gun at every American CEO to out source their production!