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Basic Trades Will Soon Be In Demand

Updated on November 11, 2010

Crafts and Trades Will Keep Things Running

 Today we are more familiar with a computer or TV than wood working tools or crochet hooks. It is a sad state of affairs indeed. These once treasured crafts and trades are constantly in a state of flux. One year people want to know how to do it and many are learning, the next supplies are hard to find due to lack of sales. It just goes up and down, and back again. I've read different studies about how many people know a certain trade or craft and I wonder how they get their information. I wonder because no one has ever asked me.

It seems to me that if things get bad enough people will not have computers and TVs. It is then that the need for trades and crafts will come to the fore. So if you know someone who is good at something, ask them to teach you. Offer to get supplies, or provide food in exchange for the lessons. If you struggle and just can not get it, do not feel bad.  Not everyone is meant to learn everything. Just keep looking and learning what you can. Practice when you can.

I know the basics of crochet.  I enjoy making afghans, lapghans, trying to make sweaters lol, I say trying because I have yet to finish one, but if the time comes that it would be the only way to get one, I will do it.  I have tried my hand at crocheting socks but it did not work out very well.  The first ended up the size of a Christmas stocking for some reason! Then I finished a pair but they were so small they would work as slippers for a premmie! Practice is key with crafts and trades. Math unfortunately ties into a lot more than one figures when they are little.

So, what craft or trade do you know?

Feel free to ask questions in the comments section and I will write about the answers!


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