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Basic Training Tips - CHOW RUNNER GO!

Updated on April 20, 2012

Meals at Basic Military Training

Are you joining the Air Forc and curious what to expect for your meals? If a nutshell........ don't expect much. Your choices are limited and what you do select will have to be consumed in 60 seconds, so you won't remember it anyways. Here are a few highlights of what to expect:

Week #1, 3 glasses of water with each meal (a minimum of 1 must be empty and turned upside down before eating)

Week #2, 1 glass of water + 2 glasses of either milk, gatorade or juice. You can mix or match as long as there is a minimum of 1 glass of water. No soda!

Yes they are there proudly on display, but no - they are not for you. It's a trap, don't even look at them.

When you arrive at your table - you will endure the 'process'. Set down your tray, stand at attention for 3 seconds, remove your jacket and satchel (place under chair) and THEN sit down. There is no talking, or looking around.

While eating (which is technically 'swallowing' since there is no time to chew....), keep your left hand flat on top of the table. Depending on where you were standing in line, you could be sitting co-ed.You will have 30-60 seconds to eat the food on your plate - so pick soft and easy to swallow items. Your best bets for breakfast is a premade omelette and sausage links.

To return your tray, you will have to walk past a large table where all of the training instructors sit (aka The Snake Pit). Do not make eye contact or responsd to them in anyway unless they specifically say your name.

As a result of this extreme style of eating and adding in the benefit of filling your stomach with water before any food is consumed, you will lose weight. Layer this with your physical fitness, and your body will be transformed by graduation.


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