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Basics of Stem Cell Therapy

Updated on May 11, 2009

The world is a new place, and technology and ideas that were just in science fiction a few years ago, are becoming reality each and every day.  Research today is coming up with more and more new ways to heal people and treat injuries.

One of the areas of up and coming research in the world is stem cell therapy.  Stem cell therapy is using stem cells and injecting them into areas of the body, such as places that need healing from injury or disease. Some of these treatments are still in the experimental stage, while others have shown some success in the applications used so far.

The current uses for stem cell therapy over the last thirty plus years has been treating cancer, leukemia and lymphoma.  The stem cells used for this type of stem cell therapy are used to help the recovery process by regrowing the cells killed by the cytotoxic agents during chemo faster and more quickly.  This works because stem cells can grow into any cell, regardless what the body needs to grow at that point in the body where the stem cells were injected.

There is a ever growing list of treatments that could stem cell therapy could be used for: heart damage, brain damage, deafness, cancer, spinal cord injury, baldness, vision impairment, diabetes, birth defects, orthopedics and various kinds of would healing.  Each of these areas is helped by stem cells because of the ability of the stem cells to grow into what ever the need is.  Brain cells, tissue, connective tissue, organs, cones or rods in the eye, the stem cells can become one of those types of cells in the body.  

Since President Obama has been in office the last 4 months he has been reversing and changing many of the policies that were initiated during the Bush Administration.  The most relevant of these policies to be changed regarding stem cells and stem cell therapy is changing the view on Stem Cell Research from one that is prohibited to one that is allowed and encouraged.  There has been millions of dollars worth of grants set up by institutions to start and continue ongoing research in stem cell research therapy.
The future is very bright for stem cell therapy and Regenerative Medicine with all the possible applications currently on the horizon and beyond.


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