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Bath Salts Zombie Just High on Marijuana

Updated on July 13, 2012

The media insults us

Has anyone seen this article?

I seriously doubt things have changed that much. Maybe we are being lied to? Nah....
I seriously doubt things have changed that much. Maybe we are being lied to? Nah.... | Source

Lazy Propaganda

Now, I realize that back in the thirties, there were a lot of rich people who could have lost a lot of money to hemp, and a propaganda campaign was launched against the population, and created a false perception of the drug for decades, but are we really this freaking stupid? Have we really fallen this far?

I am not going to start a rant on how marijuana isn't bad for you. It is a foreign substance getting entered into the body that doesn't replenish nutrients used. Much like alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine. But in all my years I never saw a single incident in which marijuana allowed someone to shrug off and not respond to being tasered or shot.

I wasn't particularly happy though with the weak amount of time given to the fact of what bath salts are, and why they are legal. Bath salts are a mixture of a lot of different chemicals, that change constantly. Bath salts bought in January in Nebraska, are certain to be different in composition from bath salts bought in August in Vermont. And there are countless chemicals that break down within hours of being ingested. To products that toxicologist either don't test for, or can't pick up anyways.

But that wasn't what the point of the article was, it was a lame attempt at shooting in the leg a movement that has been gaining momentum for the past 40 years. For whatever reason, a lot of people have a really good reason to keep marijuana illegal, and alcohol and cigarettes legal, when it is very hard to prove the destructive power of marijuana over those two without severely skewing data, and even then it's obvious.

What do you think? I am not a huge activist for marijuana or anything, but sometimes the media gets lazy in it's attempt to control our thoughts and perceptions in my opinion.


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    • Morgaren profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

      I was listening to NPR one saturday and there was a long talk about it. There was a guy from the DEA on, one of their scientist, and he was saying that there are so many substances in the drugs that change and can't be identified it is hard to call them controled substances.

      As far as marijuana goes, the amount of jobs created for the industry that would emerge overnight, the decreased cost in need for drug enforcement, keeping so many people in jail, and the tax revenue that it would create, I am for legalizing it. Plus it is a plant that is dried. That's it. How that is illegal is beyond me.

    • profile image


      6 years ago from Somewhere in North America

      Testing for drugs only shows the known ones. There have been some reports that the person used those "bath salt" products and perhaps the exact ingredients in those are not known. I think that marijuana produced by careful standards for medicinal use with a prescription has a place. I'm on the fence about legalizing it or decriminalizing it but one plus would be that the garbage that is reportedly sometimes in it would come to a halt as would a lot of the problems of illegal drug trade.


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