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Be Bold, Be a Leader

Updated on March 18, 2011

Be Bold

In November of 2010 most Americans were bold to to vote out both parties who were not doing their job to cut the federal budget. We are in Debt. But so far no one is bold or brave enough to come forth with a drastic spending cut. The politicians have bold numbers out there, but no action. Do something. This is the greatest country in the world and so far I haven't seen a leader step up, take a stand. Who ever this might be,probably will not be like. But that is the point. You have do the tough choices to be a leader. We need an another leader like Thomas Jefferson or a George Washington. Now we have Senators in Wisconsin who in my opinion ran away no matter what side your on grow up be bold a vote.None of those Senators are leaders. They took their ball and went home,well not their home,someone else's home.



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