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Be Kind to Be Kind

Updated on March 4, 2014

Kindness is Golden


306 Kindess Ideas

I recently came across a web page on kindness, sounds lovely doesn't it? A whole page dedicated to the notion of kindness. As I scrolled down the page I was presented with a variety of ways to be kind, like paying the parking metre for a stranger or stopping to help someone who's car has broken down. Then there were a few more suggestions, like showing up to work on time and stopping a nasty conversation.

I started to wonder, should there even be a kindness ideas page? Should we really be looking for some kind of kindness formula? Shouldn't the very notion of kindness be something that we all intrinsically know? I wonder who it is that needs ideas to do what simply should come naturally. Have we become a society in which we need to be coached through the everyday simplicities such as seeing a need and filling it?

Kindess is a matter of the heart, there is no formula or idea that can generate true kindness. It has to be something that comes from within that requires no return, no pay it forward concept of karma bringing it back to you. Kindness isn't the everyday requirements of being a decent functional human being like arriving to work on time! Kindness is something we can see in the eyes of another, a warmth and a genuineness that we instinctively detect.

Although it is wonderful to see amazing stories of people helping others or celebrities giving people in need giant cheques. What warms my heart is the simple kindness that flows in and through people each day. The girl at the cafe who takes the time to see how her customers are doing and uses encouraging words to brighten their day or the man who forever opens any door he reaches, first allowing others to pass through. These are small but vital characteristics of kindness, not acts. How wonderful to see people that understand that kindness is not a forced system forced upon us by a forceful world, but is a beautifully simplistic ability to view others through your heart, treating them as you would yourself wish to be treated.

Kindness is a wonderful thing, but photographing and filming "acts" of kindness somehow cheapens the meaning. We should all mean to fill a need that someone can't without feeling like for it to be legitimately filled it needs to be splashed across social media pages and viewed and liked by thousands, true kindness doesn't require validation. The girl at the cafe doesn't need to be thanked for her kind nature, that is just who she is. It is a wonderful thing to see people who truly know who they are, having the ability to be kind to themselves so they can truly care for others.

So the next time you are thinking of carrying out a "random" act of kindness, don't. Instead live each day through the essence of kindness, taking notice of needs and filling them as you go about your day, then perhaps you will remember that it is human nature to be kind to one another, but some of us just forgot along the way.


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    • carter06 profile image

      Mary 3 years ago from Cronulla NSW

      Hello Violet Jean..this is an interesting well written first hub..and I agree let's not fake RAK's but if we practice kindness daily we make ours and others lives so much better..glad I found & followed you..congrats and welcome to HubPages, I'm sure you'll like it here..Voted Up, Awesome, Beautiful, Interesting & shared..cheers