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Be Mature For God Sake

Updated on August 8, 2017

Global Echoes of Panama Scandal

In April 2016 a joint investigating team of renowned journalists from all over the world investigated and unearthed astonishing facts about the shell companies owned by various political leaders, businessmen as well as celebrities around the world. The famous investigation ever since is known as "Panama Papers Scandal". Resultantly many western countries have/had taken strict actions against the culprits and many political leaders have lost their positions whether public office or their prestige altogether. This massive investigation has unearthed more than 3 tera bytes of official documentation which included comprehensive details of the assets, bank accounts and shell companies etc.

Astonishing Decision by Pakistan's Supreme Court

Among this controversial scandal of Panama papers, the names of Pakistan's ruling government Prime Minister, as well as names of his immediate family members, were also included with substantive documented evidence. Prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his children including his finance minister have faced thorough investigation ordered by the Supreme Court of Pakistan since October 2016. Long story short is that as a result of this massive investigation conducted by concerned departments of Pakistan, the prime minister got disqualified from the premiership only recently in the month of July 2017. As this article is being written, the present Prime minister of Pakistan is ex-minister of petroleum Shahid Khaqaan Abassi.

Childish Political Decision Making

In the wake of sudden disqualification of Nawaz Sharif from his powerful executive post, his cabinet, so called party loyalists and he himself all are making some childish decisions which likely to impact negatively not only their political career but also the entire political fabric of Pakistan. Mr Sharif and his entire party are getting ready for the collision with multiple state institutions including but not limited to Judiciary and Military. Many political analysts have suggested a sober and mature approach towards this political turmoil, they said if the truth has been unveiled and Nawaz Sharif proved to be dishonest in disclosing his assets etc, he should accept the decision of the highest court of Pakistan and should prepare his party for the next general elections. The ruling party PML-N is preparing to protest against the verdict of Supreme Court by heading a rally (In the leadership of Nawaz of course) from Rawalpindi to Lahore, via famous Grand Trunk Road (GT-Road). This GT-Road is one of the most crowded, oldest and longest roads of Asia. It has linked South Asia with Central Asia, this road runs from Bangladesh and passes from India, Pakistan and ends in Kabul Afghanistan. Surrounded by many big and small cities of Central and South Punjab, it remains overly crowded almost every day. In the current heated political as well as security situation of Pakistan, the decision of passing the rally on this crowded road is childish and nothing else.

Likely Outcome

After this long debate, we can safely assume that the likely outcome of this child's play is not going to do any good to ruling party, especially not in the favor of Nawaz Sharif. It will only oil the already blazing fire of cold civil-military relations and will create political chaos in the country. It is writing on the wall that someone from the advisors of Nawaz Sharif is playing the character of Devil's advocate, and trying to bring down the entire political career of Sharif with a jiffy. At this mature age of 60 plus years and political career span more than 30 years, Nawaz Sharif should act cautiously and with the elegance of leader of this sort. This rally with un-controlled party supporters all the way from Rawalpindi to Lahore will likely create a chaotic situation in terms of political heat as well as road block etc.

Pakistan is not able to afford such a huge political/social unrest while it is fighting terrorism and financial issues at the same time. Mr. Sharif should pay heed to the political analysts' suggestions, who are continuously warning Nawaz to take a lighter route towards his protest which is, of course, is his fundamental right.

No matter what, Nawaz is out from the scene of having the same prestige and popularity among masses as a leader of their nation. He should prepare some educated, sensible and pro-Pakistan leader to represent his political party in the next general elections, otherwise, PML-N will lose its credibility completely and perpetually.

Let us hope and observe the upcoming political scenarios in Pakistan, hopefully, good sense prevail in the meantime before the big independence day of Pakistan which is on 14 August.

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