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Be Your Mind's Deprogramming/Reprogramming Master

Updated on December 23, 2012

Deprogram-Reprogram Your Own Mind

It has become very clear to me that stalkers will do anything it takes to paralyze you in your attempts to pursue life, liberty and happiness. They will plant thought-processes in your mind that: demotivate, weaken, demoralize and destroy your ability to pursue your dreams. At some point, the hail of disinformation will convince you that your way of seeing things is utterly incorrect and that who you are will be obliterated for pursuing your goals in life. This leads to a very weakened state of mind which feels weak, doomed and pointless.

Because this group(s) tactics are so utterly subversive and contra to leading a fulfilled existence, I've found that you must take up the practice of erasing your mind of their demoralizing thought-implants and that you must use any technique to erase their synthetic reality and replace it with any working reality. I have had everything thrown at me but the kitchen sink and they would use that too if it would paralyze/demoralize/weaken me psychologically. They have gotten desperate and foretold my "Doom" in an attempt to paralyze me with the fear of death.

Being as they have told me I'd die in x number of days on multiple occassions and failed to kill me, I've come to a very salient conclusion: no matter how realistic their depictions of your imminent "Doom", they are most likely false and must be thoroghly deleted from your mind. If they COULD kill us so easily, there would be no need to tell us they were going to do it. This is clearly more B.S. designed to make us: demoralized, depressed and weak so that they can then mentally attempt to gain control of us.

At some point, their B.S. piles up so high that there remains one option: DENY their false reality. You in effect become a reality-shredder. If you must erase practically everything in your mind, it is better than letting them cripple you - which IS Doom. They want to take over your mind so that you can become one of them and they will use ANY possible tactic to BREAK YOU DOWN.

Your chief weapon in this mind-game is DOUBT. Furthermore, being as they are so underhanded and possess so many unfair ways of attacking your will - you are JUSTIFIED in destroying their "messages" and replacing it with ANY reality that gets you back on your feet. I don't care what you make up to defeat their underhanded tactics: DOUBT anything they tell you and believe WHATEVER-IT-TAKES to get you active in achieving your goals and feeling good! It doesn't have to be factual. This is a war to cripple you, then take control of your mind. Personally, I'd take "Doom" over being a being who has become enslaved to their: plastic, lame, dead-inside, conformist reality anyhow.

First, SHRED every subliminal message that has been wrongfully piped into your mind. This takes work, as their fake reality is constantly being pumped into you. If you must destroy ALL thought at first and then brainwash/hack your own mind, DO IT. Their fake reality IS CRAP. If you must re-make yourself every second, focus on nothing other than the task at hand, even believe in totally un-real perceptions of yourself - JUST DO IT. If you must have multiple identities, it is justified. Better your reality than theirs, even if it is pure insanity! Whatever it takes to get you on your feet and moving again.

It is unfortunate that such extreme measures must be taken, but these guys will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to cripple and then subjugate your mind. You, in turn must do EXACTLY WHATEVER IT TAKES to overcome their false reality of mental slavery. They do not conform to any ethics, so we do not have the luxury of being ethical in choosing our mental counter-strategies. This is a anything-goes-whatever-it-takes fight to the death if necessary. If you must DOUBT everything and only believe in the reality which you choose to create, even to fight a lone battle in which anything goes with no one sharing your reality...........SO BE IT!

They have distracted me, beaten my mind to a bloody pulp and told me I'd die on repeated occassions. They can inflict pain and guilt and demoralization and physical/mental pain when they attack............but if you just hold on and bear it: it passes! Then you tear down every single thing they have told you and reconstruct a personality that will FOLLOW YOUR COMMAND. There are no rules........they sure don't follow any, so don't you dare limit yourself!

I apologize for the hiatus in my writings. They hurt me, but hurt and humiliation and pain can be erased. Deep Six that crap and believe you are the most powerful being you can think of. BECOME your minds de-programmer/re-programmer. There are NO RULES! When you are out and about, it pays to "duck" and respect their reality so they lay off of you. Then switch over, even if it is every minute to a different reality.........because it screws their ability to predict/control you. Switch realities every 2 seconds if you must and FEEL NO SHAME in doing so. They AREN'T fair so we do not have the luxury of trying to be: fair/nice/right/rational. Be nice if it works, be "The Master" if it works. Do ANYTHING THAT BOLSTERS YOUR POWER!

Feel no shame, no regret, no pity, no worry of "making sense". The key is to destroy their reality and put anything in it's place that helps you. If nothing else, you'll be "the one that got away", which they call me regularly. Even if we were "Doomed", it pales in comparison to being erased and invaded by a hostile thought-pattern. Be a quick-change artist, believe in WHATEVER-IT-TAKES to overcome their: pathetic, glassy-eyed, robotic, FAKE reality.

Remember: THERE ARE NO RULES! We cannot afford to worry about such crap. I am fighting them alone...............we must face the fact that we may live, fight, even die fighting these suckers alone. Be inventive. Be random. Be deceptive. FUCK THEM! They'll call you every name in the book: "conner", "liar", "thief" (HA!).......BUT KNOW THIS: IT'S US OR THEM. Let's at the very least each escape their brutal hold and "get out of life ALIVE"!


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    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 5 years ago

      Thanks, man! There are so few of us "freethinkers" left. I miss the world we once knew. I think I've listed just about every way I know so far to beat this "psychic repression". Remember that if you try real hard to be a good Christian that you can probably live forever. If that isn't your goal, then just know how to avoid "the machine"(bad psychic collective). Maybe more people will figure out how to unplug from the procrustean demands of this inverted world and we'll have a "psychic revolution". If nothing else, know that if you ever feel utterly trapped and that they are about to take control that by chanting: "I belong to God and He gives me power!" you can escape their grip on your mind. Good Luck, my freind!

    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 5 years ago

      There is more than one faction. There exists what I call a "God Group" which can shelter you from the one I speak of. The problem for me is that I've learned to rely on myself and have a hard time letting them guide my mind. I'm thinking of trying to join them, because i know I can beat the other one in just about any short-term fight. The not-so-Holy practices of: sex, online combat, altered neurochemistry and belief that you have psychic power can only take you so far.

      You get where you've violated every possible un-written law and you feel vindicated, but un-satisfied. I believe that everlasting life is possible, but that getting there requires a lot of suffering and sacrifice. The one group will actually tell you to "do/ think bad things". A favorite trick is telling you they will turn you into a powerful entity with the catch that it is "evil". If you say so much as "OK, cool" they come and try to kick you out of your own mind the very next day.

      Think on what I've said and remember to shun these offers of "Evil Power". If you are going to be a warrior, make sure that you believe strongly in your rightness/goodness. I find it difficult to accept the world as it now is. I find it annoying that docile, nice people finish 1st while the bold and the strong have to use every trick in the book to merely survive. This world is so damned: quiet, conformist, un-manley and whimpy. I wish that the world was like it was for me before 2000: loud, sexy, random and UN-psychic...........but instead it is like a psychic battle and all that seems to count is that you make "good choices". Reality seems to have actually inverted upon itself. All of this was made to avoid an impending overpopulation crises. Only if you are trying your very best to be inherently good will they leave you be.

      I guess the good news is that eternal life is possible for us and the bad news is that to get it, you have to lead a very bland, meek and obediant life. I've always been a fighter and such ways are as foreign to me as ancient Hebrew. May we both find what we are looking for and continue to elude/conquer "The Bad Side"!

    • profile image

      Alex 5 years ago

      Great to see a post of you :)

      When you say «...even to fight a lone battle in which anything goes with no one sharing your reality...........SO BE IT!...» I think the same too, nobody told that the true was easy.

      Great warrior you are!