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Be Your Own Robot

Updated on February 13, 2011

Be Your Own Robot

      One problem for us is having the MOTIVATION to do things.  We can do whatever we want, but something out there doesn't want us to want to.  Example:  just when I got the idea to write this article, I got a pulsing headache and a desire to sleep instead.  They can stimulate sexual desire as well as inhibit it.  Often what we feel ISN'T US.  We must think what we would have wanted without electronic harassment.  How do we do this?  Well, the person we were about 10 years ago was a lot more SENSUALLY US as opposed to now. 

      Once we elucidate what we would normally want given our lifelong tendencies, we can command our bodies to do these things.  Today's un-spoken buzzword is SOCIAL PROGRAMMING.  People are being stripped of their individual personalities and emotions and having them replaced by subroutines primarily through subliminal auditory equipment.  You can teach your mind/body to take orders from you.  You can either amplify your power by thinking of yourself as someone else or make the order seem to be coming from an outside source.  What we are doing is hacking our own bodies and minds back from the social programmers who have been hacking us over the last 10-20 years. 

      You can see your body as a puppet being controlled by you from a far distant place.  We have been trained to take these kind of orders, so slipping ourselves into the position of "Programmer"/"Puppeteer" will allow us to take more control of ourselves.  Once you have labeled your order as coming from an outside source:  carry it out! If it helps you, think to yourself:  "Sir, Yes Sir!". This technique of self-command disguised as outside-command has allowed me to remain in control of myself when I was getting HUGE doses of Electronic Harassment.  They have even called me a puppet controlled by a little man inside me.  Yes, that man is my MIND, like it ought to be.  Isn't it funny that being in control of your own body is considered abnormal these days?

      Our emotions have been turned down to barely perceivable impulses.  I've had to become a lot:  harder, pain-loving, cold than I used to be, but at least I can sometimes figure out what I really want to do and get it done.  Ever notice the APATHY that all this crap produces?  If you convince yourself to Love pain, you do something these Behaviorists have not anticipated.  You may find that the route of GREATEST DISCOMFORT is the best and utter rebellion with pain sought as a REWARD.  That way, you aren't just rebelling - you are thinking one step ahead so you can make this "machine" composed of interlocked, externally-controlled minds malfunction.  The people of Masada preferred suicide to being conquered.  This beats the heck out of that - your free-willed opposition is your revenge on this machine AND you get some of your life back!  It also gives you a reason to keep going.  Either we beat this system from the inside out or it will wear us down and erase us.   

     As a final piece of advice:  ALWAYS protect your ears while sleeping with headphone music.  I will do it and then forget JUST HOW MUCH BETTER I FELT THE NEXT DAY.  We are being brainwashed in our sleep, being given commands to respond to certain words/actions/scenarios.  Last night, I dreamt but I could hear the music in my dream.  With the music on, I couldn't hear what people were telling me to do.  Knowing that your music is there makes you feel in control, free, more powerful, HARDER TO INFLUENCE.  When we sleep, we are at our most VULNERABLE to subliminal brainwashing.  Don't be erased in your sleep.  Do not try and stay awake.  That would only precipitate a psychotic episode in which you would be very easy to program.  Take Trazodone to allow yourself to sleep with music on.     


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