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Be a philanthropist

Updated on June 23, 2015

Be a philanthropist

Whatever we do and whatever we earn a bit of that must be donated for the good cause of society. There may be many means of doing charity. Somebody who earns well can easily donate a bit of his earnings towards charity. Someone who is a teacher by profession but not willing to donate some money can make charity by teaching those living in poverty without taking fees from them. Someone who is a physician can devote voluntarily his few hours in a week somewhere in a slum where very low income group people reside who hardly can pay any fees. Similarly you might be in some professions where you are not making plenty of money so as to donate still there may be some other ways to help the needy. You must have the will to do something good for society.

If there is a will there is a way. By doing your little you can change someone’s life forever. Big-heartedness always gives you happiness. At long last with coming out of the clutches of selfishness will give you greater and everlasting pleasures and ultimately make you a great human being. All the time in the world there are people who need your help. If you ready to do your bit towards society, it’s never late you can do it that very moment of having the idea of donation or in the beginning of your consciousness. If you take even a little time just to think how you can help people there will be plenty of ways that would come to your mind to show you the way ahead.

Education brings a lot of values into life of a person. One of the biggest aims of education is to develop the virtues of humanity compassion and awareness in a person to make it a good human being. A good human being is always conscious about its duties towards society. There are plenty of people living in extreme poverty and deprived of the basic needs like food, basic sanitary needs, clothes and education across the globe. You can’t improve lives of all but by picking few of them can contribute your part in making the world better place for people. Money is not the sole way to help people, sometimes just giving good advice to a needy will do wonder in the life of that person.

These are the values you can impart to your children and followers as well. In our job or business we do not have much time to devote for social work due to our very much busy working schedule. Still even a little of our spare time if devoted in doing the social service it gives a lot of satisfaction and ultimately true meaning to life. We must have the wisdom that we are not in the world merely for chasing our dreams and accumulating wealth all the time. But we must understand that being human there are many responsibilities that we need to fulfill during our lifetime.

Apart from doing good to inspire others also to do so is our responsibility on account of being a good and responsible human being. For wealthy people it’s easy to donate money and the big corporates too run the CSR activities in order to help people in society. We as citizens of the world too have some responsibilities so as to make lives of those people better who are living in great need of help and underprivileged. Sometimes not going far we can do our part by giving counsel to group of students living nearby in our neighbors.

We must not keep a small aim of life just to earn good and live peacefully but our goals should be bigger than that. It must include how to make others life good as well. How can we help others in achieving their dreams, in making others life better and in providing the basic amenities to those who desperately need them. If all get good education, good thinking and develop a good mindset it will help humanity at large to frame a world of less crimes, less poverty, less unemployment and overall a better place to reside for all.

It is quite possible if the all good people of the world to decide how to make the world better it can be achieved by making efforts, together we can make it. Posthumously a person is remembered for either the good or bad work done during the life time. Do something good that people can praise you for long for your contribution to the cause of humanity. This is a gentle doing for which you could not expect anything in return.


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