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Be proud to be black

Updated on December 17, 2014

Black is beautiful

I have come across so many girls with dark beautiful skin that constantly want to lighten it. And it really breaks my heart for those girls, because as long as your skin is healthy, it really does not matter whether it is black, brown, white or yellow. It is beautiful.

I come from a country where there is the darkest of skins; really beautiful skin. I do not know who put it in people’s minds that light skin is better than dark skin. And this is such a wrong concept. People tend to say that with lighter skin, features are clearer. I completely disagree. The features that I have are perfect with my dark skin. I definitely know that I lighter me would completely be uglier than the dark me. Why would I even want to change myself? I am a masterpiece just the way I am.

Changing your skin is not just about your appearance. I feel that people who change the color of their skin are not really comfortable with where they are from. That is unfortunate because people really do not go back to their roots and know where they are from. African culture is beautiful. It really is.

I personally am from Kenya. Around here, there are several tribes, that means that there are various forms of culture around here. And that is just in one country. However, something I know about all African culture is that there is dancing. Africans are associated with rhythm. That and eating a lot of meat. Why in the world do you think African men are all buff? People work out via dancing. And they accept themselves as they are. Africans have a sense of community. That is why people lived in homesteads.

As much as we live in a civilized community, I feel that some of the practices should go on for people to really accept themselves as they are. Because let me tell you, being African, however small that portion is, is beautiful. You have inside you something that your neighbor does not have. And you do not have to change a thing about you to be accepted. The skin that you have is beautiful. Thank God for that melanin instead of complaining about it that much. I know several albino friends that would really appreciate you color.

Remember that it is not what is on you that matters. The only thing that matters is what is in you, and your determination to making your dreams a reality. Be grateful for who you are, and remember, you are beautiful in the eyes of God, however you are. The journey to success starts with self-acceptance and discovery. Remember that BLACK IS definitely BEAUTIFUL. That also means that you are equal to everybody else in this world, in the eyes of law and before God. So, hold your head high with your chin up, lest your crown slips from your head


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    • kinaroeverlyne profile image

      kinaroeverlyne 2 years ago

      I know, right? Thanks so much for your input on that.

    • Sara Jofre profile image

      Sarah 2 years ago from Portugal

      I love natural skin... I also can't understand white girls with artificial tan... just hate it! people should embrace what they are and love it. Black natural skin is wonderful (and normally much more healthier than white skin), it's absurd to whiten it.