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Beam us up, Scotty, Americans Don't Stand A Chance Of Surviving

Updated on February 1, 2012

The Presidental Race

Looking at the Presidental race I can say to the American people, bend over as far as you can so you will be able to kiss your behind GoodBye.

Americans need help, but Americans will not get a winning solution.

Americans can choose to swim a snotty river or climb a Poop Covered Mountain. Which ever candidate you choose to associate with the choices offered is up to you.

When it comes to politics Money has always been the deciding factor.The more money a candidate has the more mud gets thrown in the opponents face, conveniently leaving no time to discuss real issues. Which is how the game is played.

Looking at the bank accounts, 2 Presidental candidates will be in the final race.

Barrak Obama and Mitt Romney. With the accumulated war chest of Barrak Obama, Mitt Romney better go to a sports shop and purchase the best Mask and Snorkel money can buy. he is really going to need them. p.s. Don't get the flippers, they do not work well in MUD

The rest of us can only hope that Scotty has his radio turned on.


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