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Beating The Skiptracer Part One

Updated on January 26, 2014

Part One In The Skiptracers Guide

This article came into being after reading an article from a leading skiptracer who also helps people disappear. Here you will get my opinions as well as more information and places to help you locate people.

First I want to state that much of what you will read regarding disappearing from me is for entertainment purposes only and should not be implemented. If you do and get in trouble it isn't my responsibility. If you need legal advice seek such from a licensed attorney.

I'll start with places where you can find information on people. My personal favorite is spokeo. It is by subscription only but well worth it. You can plug in many phone numbers and find the person's name and address even if you didn't previously have a last name or any other information. It also returns alot of information from social media sites however I feel that is better done by going to each individual site. ONe sidenote: On facebook you can type in a phone number and if that person has associated their number with their FB account their profile will pop up. Another note: Even if you remove your phone number from your FB account it is still searchable. Many other sites like spokeo and others are the same way so if you're looking to nonpublicize your number the only way to do that is to get a new number and give it out to no one.

A note on spokeo: I just got a new cell number two days ago and decided to plug it into the spokeo site and it brought my name back as it appears on my cell phone account. Also, my previously disconnected cell number that was previously listed is no longer listed now that it is disconnected.

Unfortunately, many cell phone providers sell your information and there is no way to control that. If you truly want to keep your cell number private give it out to no one and get a voicemail number to take your messages.

There are many databases out there that a professional skiptracer can use to locate a debtor. Remember not all(in fact many) skiptracers don't use legal means to find information on someone. If they encounter a particularly difficult case where it is nearly impossible to find the debtor especially in cases where collateral or very large sums of money are involved they will resort to illegal means to get the information they seek. I will go into this more later.

Aside from using credit reports they use any number of public record databases and data mines which are basically information brokers. These brokers pull information from many databases including whitepages, public records, catalog companies, utility companies, grocery store savings cards, credit card companies and banks that sell your personal information. This list is by no means exhaustive. Almost all banks, credit card companies, utility companies and certainly any catalog company will sell your personal information and when you sign up for their services you are agreeing to have your information sold.

One of the places that many skiptracers I've talked to don't use or don't use that much are social media sites. These sites offer a wealth of information on a debtor. It's the one place that a debtor may feel safe in putting his personal business out there as he thinks no skiptracer is going to waste his time. While these social media sites won't give you a debtors address or phone number or even an email address it may tell you where he works and most certainly will tell you who is family members and friends are. Even if he has his friend list blocked you can get a good idea of who his closest associates are by looking at how many likes he gets from his photos and postings. While he can choose to make his postings private he can't privatize his profile and cover photos. After you've gathered information on his associates sometimes they will post things that are not private regarding the debtor or even tag the debtor in a photo that might tell you where he likes to hang out such as on a friday night getting drunk with his buddies at his favorite pub. If you're looking for an automobile this is the perfect time to get the vehicle with no fuss.

Granted it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack but if you're looking for a debtor and the traditional means of finding him have failed because he's moved and left no forwarding address and his family members are uncooperative this can be a good next step.

When it comes to finding the debtor through his utilities, credit card companies, etc. you already know the only way to do this is either tell a lie that is illegal or pretend to be the debtor which is also illegal but many skiptracers will employ this method when all else fails.

Due to new technology, skiptracers and recovery agents looking to recover a vehicle have new tools in their arsenal. One such tool is the LPR technology which employs the use of traffic cameras to find a vehicle or rather locate where the vehicle travels most often. By knowing that a debtor drives through New Orleans Louisiana on a regular basis tell the recovery agents that he most likely lives in New Orleans or a nearby area and this is where they will start searching. As for being able to avoid traffic cameras there is no way that I know of. Sprays can be purchased that are sprayed on the license plate to blind the cameras flash but whether they work or not is in dispute. It would occur to me that a debtor looking to hide his car would either not move to such a big city(smaller cities have cameras too but as much) or not drive the car in question. They can also use the gps feature on a phone to locate it and the debtor. Much of this is not legal but again many skiptracers employ illegal means when frustrated by a particularly swarthy debtor.

This article didn't focus so much on beating the skiptracer but finding someone.

In the next article I will go over some ways to avoid the skiptracer or disguise your whereabouts.

What are some if your favorite sites for searching someone out?

Have you discovered some good websites for searching for someone? I'd love to hear your feedback. I've used many, many websites. Some are successful, some are not. One of the most powerful tools is the search engine.


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