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Beautiful Girl Kissing Pedestrians

Updated on October 31, 2011

This boy slipped away from the kiss.

This boy slipped away from the kiss
This boy slipped away from the kiss

About this Girl

If you were given a sweet kiss by a beautiful girl on the street when you throw your trash into a garbage can, would you be surprised? The scene was taken place in the downtown city of Cheng Du in China. The girl was 20 years old, around five feet five inches tall, with white skin and spiffy dress, made her standout in the crowd.

When Mrs. Ye accompanying his boyfriend passing the street, he got a “surprise kiss” from the girl. Ye was about to ask what happened to him, but he also had a obscure expression on his face. This was not a practical joke, when he threw the Cigarette end on the street, he was captured into sight of the girl. The girl persuaded him to throw it into the garbage can, he picked the cigarette end and did. But when the boyfriend was about to leave, he got a big kiss on his cheek. This made him very embarrassed. The passing people also got baffling looks on their faces.

The beautiful girl kisses

The beautiful girl kisses
The beautiful girl kisses

One Singaporan Gentleman Said: “I Enjoyed It.”

In about two hours, the girl kissed more than 10 people.

“i never got a kiss from such a pretty girl, today I am so happy. In Singapore, we look to the environmental protection, i think cheng Du is very clean. ” Mr li from Singapore said.

When she was asked the reason for kissing, she said: "I am a student from xi hua university, i don’t want to see so many people throwing their trash carelessly on the street, for making our city clean, I thought of the idea of giving out my kisses. When I was little, My mother always kissed me when I did right things, I think this is a way of love. " "I felt awkward when I first kissed a stranger, but it takes time to get used to it." She said.

She said, giving out my kisses is a way to remind people of environmental protection, she decided to fight those wronful deeds.

The girl recently has become a famous figure in every major Chinese portals and there are news spreading about her. People are debating her real intention is being environmental protectionist or for becoming famous.

About the Real Intention of The Girl

Is she giving away kisses for?

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    • profile image

      duggan mcc 4 years ago

      Very interesting story.

      Good is what it is and you covered it.

      Photos are greta as well!

    • Zubyre profile image

      Zubyre Parvez 7 years ago from East London

      Chinese woman is graceful, dignified, modest. It suits Western women to be more extroverted in this way -- in my opinion.

    • cyberwriter profile image

      cyberwriter 7 years ago from Beijing,China

      I will, I will bring more of this stories to people who are interested in China, I just added a new story: please take some time to read.

    • rlaframboise profile image

      rlaframboise 7 years ago from 1776

      Wow cool story. I think random kisses from beautiful women could solve a lot of the worlds problems and I think littering is a good start. I am anxious to read more of your writing I am very interested in what is happening in China because all I ever read is the political situations its good to see the feel-good news stories of the average Chinese people being translated into English for all of us English speakers! Thanks!