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Because of the Wolf, Steve Bannon Destroyed Donald Trump

Updated on January 5, 2018

Aesop’s Fables’ “The Wolf and the Lamb” may have been a dissertation on a tyrant that expected to eat his food without an argument in sustaining the wolf’s dominance. Remember, a real boss doesn’t need excuses to get rid of employees who seek to threaten him or damage his business and/or reputation.

We all know the self-proclaimed Steve Bannon believes in Leninist philosophy. However, his former boss may now feel threatened by his influence in the Republican Party that subdues Trump’s own vision that similarly encompasses Steve Bannon’s wisdom.

Take a step back into history; Vladimir Lenin’s fatal flaw was appointing Joseph Stalin as general secretary of the Communist Party in April 1922. Lenin thought Stalin was “too rude, impatient, disloyal, and lacked a general sense of respect for his comrades”. When Lenin suffered a stroke, his own Machiavelli sequence of survival was to keep Stalin and allow him to abuse his own wife and many of the party members that subscribed to communism. However, communism wasn’t even in the cards when Stalin eventually succeeded Lenin as the supreme ruler of the Russian people.

Steve Bannon’s communist sequences in believing in himself as the sole survivor of the Republican Party and Trump’s victory established Bannon’s own willful dominance in what Trump has to do rather than his miscreant son-in-law. Mind you, Trump’s son-in-law wants to influence the global world rather than establishing a microcosm that diminishes American influence in the world. On the other hand, Bannon couldn’t care less even that his own candidate was defeated in Alabama.

The sacred truth with respect to the childlike response from Donald Trump took Bannon by surprise. There was no victory in Alabama and therefore Steve Bannon was the first to be blamed for his own misfortunes. Therefore, after Bannon admitted to helping Michael Wolff publish his book “Fire and Fury”, Trump immediately cut his relations with the self-proclaimed Leninist that believes a war will incur with China and America that determines not only the dominance of American values, but the self-sustaining values of Steve Bannon.

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon firmly believe that China and Russia are undermining American national security and America’s national interests on all fronts. Bannon and Trump have labeled the two countries as competitors in terms of establishing their own values rather than American values. China believes that America’s fruition towards economic development and dominance relies on Trump’s values rather than Steve Bannon’s subdued inferences towards a communist America that brands and defines the economic environment upon American values rather than cooperative relations with China’s economic rise. Trump’s “America First” policy clearly defines this by stressing the need for competition rather than cooperation in shaping the new global environment.

Competition between the US and China has always been present, however economic facts seem to point more towards the direction that their economies are quite more complementary than competitive. The two countries’ volume of bilateral trade exceeded $550 billion in 2016 along with two-way investment exceeding $200 billion. It’s estimated that about 2.6 million American jobs are dependant on America’s economic relationship with China.

Even with Trump’s “American First” policy, China stated that the nation will always remain committed to supporting international order, global development, and world peace. However, China warned the United States that placing a greater value of the national interests of some countries above others would be “downright selfish” and would isolate the US in the international community.

China was indeed discombobulated and emphasized the need for America to accept and familiarize themselves with China’s rise. If America can not accept China’s rise then Steve Bannon’s Leninist philosophy is attributed to war. This is what Steve Bannon wants, he wants Thucydides’ sequences to establish war with a rising power that is willing to cooperate and invest in the infrastructure of the world.

I will make this clear to Donald Trump. It is a global world and the reasoning that benefits this global world is because your son-in-law believes in it. The real problem Mr. Trump is that you believe in a gold toilet that seems to smell the same as you, and for that reason you will incur the ultimate weakness in American society that can not accept a beautiful wife sleeping next to you. Lenin terminated some of his adversaries while Stalin terminated all of them. Stalin established the mathematical sequences of a totalitarian state that even Steve Bannon couldn’t comprehend.

Remember Steve, even if Stalin killed his wives he managed to sleep with them and love them even when he assumed that his own child was weak. Even Peter the Great decided to terminate his own child because he realized he was weaker than the administrative power that made Russia the covenant of Steve Bannon’s wisdom in making America great. The vision of America will never be undermined by Leninist philosophical point of views towards a communist totalitarian world that Bannon is willing to except.The Geopolitical Canadian will make sure of that. Let Trump espouse the virtues of the American stock market and let him believe that the bears are dead.

In Aesop’s Fable the wolf eats the lamb to show the world the totalitarian state to make excuses for the wolf to achieve his power. As Canadians we chose for the lamb to live because we know we will eat another day, and for that they will make us live for who we are, what we are, and what we represent to the world. The bears never leave because they are dormant, let the stock market rise, the ones who profit first will succeed. Ask Aesop, who is the real wolf?

I'd like to thank Michael Ambrozwic for his contributions to this article.


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    • profile image

      Sanxuary 6 weeks ago

      Bannon actually did it in his insane belief that if he could prove that the White House is a mess that he would be needed to fix it. Its insane thinking at a redicoulouse level but it should tell you the process of thinking when you have no humanity. Trump is only up-set that someone might steal his spot light. This has become a comedy of sick proportions and this week is truely unbelievable.

    • Sharlee01 profile image

      Sharon Stajda 6 weeks ago from Shelby Township Michigan

      Bannon had his 15 min, and Wolf made some cash on a book... End of story

    • profile image

      Sanxuary 6 weeks ago

      I think its just radicals going after radicals as their political suicide continues to jump off the roof head first.

    • ptosis profile image

      ptosis 6 weeks ago from Arizona

      Great article. The Mooch was right all along ... Steve Bannon really can suck his own Ćõ©ķ. Already had the audiobook "Devil's Bargain" and now halfway through "Fire & Fury" via Audible. Most of the stuff in F&F was well known, just not in so much fine detail.

    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 6 weeks ago from U.S.A.

      If Bannon is a Leninistg, which wouldn't surprise me, then it goes to prove that the far left and far right are very similar in their objectives, consistent with political theory. Both cultivate anger of the "masses" for some populist agenda, while hiding the goals of tyranny and oppression.

      The far and center left had their champion in Barack Obama; it was only a matter of time before the fringe right should succeed to the White House. The moderate wing of the Republican party became complacent and let the far-right take control, a situation beginning back in the 1960s,.

      However, if we survive this presidency, the circle will be completed.

      The moderates in both parties will begin to reassess their goals, and maybe, just maybe, cooperation will start again.

    • Fiorenzo Arcadi profile image

      Fiorenzo Arcadi 6 weeks ago from 1592 Bloor Street West

      I’m a Leninist,” Bannon proudly proclaimed.

      Shocked, I asked him what he meant.

      “Lenin,” he answered, “wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” Bannon was employing Lenin’s strategy for Tea Party populist goals. He included in that group the Republican and Democratic Parties, as well as the traditional conservative press.

    • profile image

      Sanxuary 6 weeks ago

      I have no idea where Steve Bannon was ever a Leninist. I am no supporter of Trump or Bannon but he is actually a Nationalist with more in common with establishing an Oligarchy on some strange concept of White Priveledge and power. He most likely thought he was some Political Pariah and when his rich backers cut him off he decided to leave with a retirement check, revenge and hopes of a new political show somewhere.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 7 weeks ago from Orange County California

      Well I guess masterpieces in Canada are not like they are in the US. Isn't there enough going on in Canada for you to write aboooooot

      You can see how well your article is doing here.

    • Fiorenzo Arcadi profile image

      Fiorenzo Arcadi 7 weeks ago from 1592 Bloor Street West

      Brad, I think the article is a masterpiece, even comical in the geopolitical world.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 7 weeks ago from Orange County California

      Great article of fiction. Let us know when the movie about it comes out.