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Become President No Experience Necessary

Updated on October 16, 2008

I missed the classified employment ads that week. You know, the one back in Feb 07 that advertised for a Presidential candidate and no experience was necessary.

Next week, when you are going in for that operation, you won't mind if a group of people pick a doctor to operate on you that has only been an intern for a little over two years. You trust their judgement, right? Because, you know, he can really move you with his speeches about surgery (scalpals flying). Actually, considering his experience, he probably hasn't even done that hip replacement operation're the first one. No problem, right, because he is really genuine.

And when or if you come home from the hospital, you still need the siding done on the house. Maybe we can pick out a rookie to do that for you. And getting those new brakes, hey we got someone who just learned how to do that, but it was on a 10-speed bicycle. I guarantee that the people we pick for you to do these jobs will be really nice, and will be happy to talk to you about how well they will do the work. I assume based on what you all have been saying, that the fact that they have never done this work really isn't a factor. That's alright with you, right?

You know what's sad? Citizens spend more time researching the right contractor for the kitchen remodel,and checking consumer reports and the internet for the best buy on all those new appliances. They will ask their friends for their opinions, and I guess it wouldn't matter if their friend owned a home or had purchased appliances in the past. The pivotal point would be if they saw a great commericial.

I can provide example after example of why we want experience in the things that directly affect us. So why did experience get thrown out the window this time.? Obama is a Junior US Senator, with 25 months experience in his position when he announced his intention to run for President. In 2004, when he was selected to speak at the Democratic Convention, he had been a state senator for less than a decade, and had yet to be elected to the US Senate. That took place four months later. What did the Democrats decide then, and what were they planning? This feels more like some story by Stephen King, where the student take over the high school (only they have more experience). Hillary, unfortunately, was not let in on the plan. Hillary was not deemed the chosen one in 2004. She fought bravely, but was not in touch with the BIg Picture. Although she would never have been my first choice, I would certainly take her experience over the Junior Senator.

The wisest of counselors will tell anyone, you don't make decisions when your mad and you don't make decisions on emotion. Emotions are running high right now, and there is enough blame to go around to both parties. Electing Obama, who obviously has been groomed by the democrats for the past four years, will be even up with having your neighbor's 16 year-old daughter replace the engine in your car. Unfortunately, Pep Boys might be able to salvage your car, but not the country.


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