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Become a "Dream Warrior"

Updated on March 22, 2012

Become a "Dream Warrior"

Gangstalking doesn't just take place in the physical world. I am personally attacked on a nightly basis. THIS is the repeating motif in my torture: in the DREAM, I get ostracized by many people until I feel helpless. The body feels "wooden" (sluggish and non-responsive to my will). This is accompanied by a "drugged feeling"........the BAD kind where you don't function well and it is obvious to everyone. Usually, I'm attending an important "School" and I do something in the dream like smoke marijuana. What then follows is ostracism by everyone else in the dream which progressively worsens until you wake up to ringing ears and a racing heart-rate.

This time I had a dream, I rebelled against everyone and sought justice via the police (wouldn't it be great if this worked in physical reality........oh, well). Anyhow, I experienced harassment and sexual coercion in the dream. I promised to expose this injustice one way or the other and was extremely contemptuous of their "group harassment". I stepped on toes, even shot this "demon" that was going to "get" me. At the end of the dream, someone told me they hoped that they would "see me in Hell" and I told them: "If you do, I promise that you'll hate it more than I will!" Then I woke up, feeling the rightful glory of someone who "doesn't take any guff".

Now, the physical world is a totally different matter. If you are really nice to people, they don't bother you. If you bless them in your mind, they will know that and bother you a whole lot less. Thinking violent thoughts gets you punished hard, so don't do that. The more righteously you conduct yourself/think, the better you'll be treated. Otherwise everything will take forever and your ears will be ringing and you'll feel pain by nerve induction.

You rebellion is more effective in a passive/peaceful manner. I simply cannot fathom doing everything an outside source tells me to every minute of the day. I go where I will myself to go and do what I will myself to do.............that is the only existence I am capable of understanding. When your ears ring, remember that there is always a "safety rope frequency" being played long and slowly at the very same time a "madness frequency" is being played. This is one way our society separates the "Sheep" from the "Goats". They are fulfilling Biblical Prophecy with a vengeance I doubt God would want. If I do "everything right", they lay off of me. When I do anything forcefully, have sex or work-out with a "macho attitude".......they are pretty rough on me.

So, if you didn't express your frustrations in your dream and it was a nightmare, remember that they want you to panic when you wake up. DON'T EVER PANIC.......THAT IS WHEN THEY GET YOU. If you must believe you have "power" and push outward physically with your mind.......then you will HAVE GREATER RESISTANCE to their tortures. I Love to "fight my way through". I usually only do this when I have a copious supply of anti-stress medication or herbs like Kratom, which help nullify the feeling of being punished. Be careful how often you REBEL. Pick your fights and don't fight if you feel vulnerable.......just chill out and listen for that "Salvation Frequency"(Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh) NOT the MADNESS FREQUENCY (ee-ee-ee!,ee-ee-ee!). To find the salvation frequency, stretch out each ee unit into eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeeeeeeee, eeeeeeeeeeeee. Eventually, this will sound like an operatic solo.

This is one reason they say "It isn't over until the fat Lady Sings". This is doublespeak. In one interpretation, you could be the "fat lady". In another interpretation, this is the state of mind triggered when you finally DECIPHER the SALVATION CODE. Indeed, they do not bother me as much, because I KNOW WHAT TO DO WHEN MY MIND FEELS SOMEONE IS TRYING TO TAKE IT OVER! I'm sort of a waste of their time now that I know how to solve this "sonic riddle". Combine that with "good thoughts" and I guarantee you you will not perish in the "flames" of "Hell" (ee-ee-ee!,ee-ee-ee!). Some others have fallen prey to this "Hell Frequency" and now do EXACTLY WHAT IT TELLS THEM WHEN IT TELLS THEM. That is where "perps" come from. They are people deprived of free-will because they went bonkers when hit with a code they couldn't calmly decipher!!! If they had known what we now know, they wouldn't be stalking us............they'd be just like US..........FREE!


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    • profile image

      Alex 4 years ago

      Hello Moeflats! Miss your posts. Blessings for you. :)

    • profile image

      Alex 5 years ago

      Great warrior you are my friend. They think they can have more manuver when your conscience mind is not active, but you know better, God protect you always! :)

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