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Becoming more and more like United States

Updated on April 25, 2017

Assume for the sake of discussion that every country in the world is in the process of becoming more and more like United States. Politically, economically, socially, culturally—in each of these areas foreign countries are absorbing American beliefs and values. In what way might other countries benefit from becoming more like America? In what way might other countries be harmed by becoming more like America?

United States of America? Before we commence a discussion on the prevailing topic, it is very important to understand what is united states of America? It is a country which consists of 50 states including an immense swath of North America, Florida, California Alaska, texus and many more. She also have an honor to have one of the major coastal cities i.e. New York which have a huge contribution in her cultural and economical wealth and that’s why it is called cultural centre and global finance. More over there are many other cities famous for other reasons such as Midwestern metro-polis Chicago has made her name in the field of architecture. With Washington DC as her capital, United States of America is known as Super power of this planet earth.

The very next question which comes into our mind is, when did the united states of America emerged and how did she became so powerful that today we can find her influence over every single nation on this earth. Every nation has to pass through certain hardships before coming to a point where they find themselves stable. In early 17th century English people went to the place which is now called Jamestown (Virginia). People from other parts of Europe mainly France, Netherland, Spain and Great Britain came to live in the colonies. Native Americans were killed; they lost their land and family as well. By the end of 1733, there were 13 colonies total in number and in 1755; people from these colonies were not satisfied with the policies of Britain. Hence it provoked a war against ruling party i.e. Britain at that time. In 1776, people from these colonies declared independence, claiming that they are free from Britain. This point onwards, there was a positive growth in American society. People worked hard for the nation, for themselves. Constitution and Bill of Rights were developed and George Washington was made the 1st president of United States of America.

In the blindness of power, United states of America got herself involved into cold war which resulted in huge economic loss and more over caused less production in factories etc. during the early 21st century Middle East became very important to United States especially after 11 September 2001.

There has been ups and downs in the history of United States because of the decisions made by the rulers than. But even today they are considered as the powerful nation in the world.

America considers herself as one of the most powerful and developed democracy of the world but the common difference in political system of U.S and rest of the world is that greater power lies with the upper legislature, and more power is held by Supreme court and separate powers exist between executive and legislature. But after reading the political system of U.S a question pinches my mind, is it a real democracy? Where millions of people are lead by a single president. And when he get selected, he is under no supreme law. This sense of power and making one supreme from the law strengthen the roots of problems which we are facing now. If every nation among the world will start following United States of America with respect to their political system and obviously following the approach of the government than the time is very near of the destruction of this world. On the name of war on terror, US attacked many countries of Asia and suffered huge economic loss. The major decisions are taken by the president and he will not be answerable to any law enforcing institution. This will lead to the massive destruction of humanity. More over the foreign policy of the U.S is very rigid as they give more priority to themselves keeping everything on the second option. But we shall not consider all negative at the same time, there are many positive aspects of the political system of U.S as well which are stated as under

  • Citizens of U.S.A are responsible and they should understand their role in the society more over they should participate in the elections, play their part in military as well and pay the taxes to government.
  • Law is equal for all, even if it is an ordinary citizen or Government officials.
  • The government have no right to support or suppress any religion
  • Freedom of speech is also given due importance.

If we consider the above points, implement them uniformly throughout the world, it will be the best thing to do and without any doubt this world will become a peaceful place to live.

The world largest economy is of U.S in terms of nominal and it is the second largest with respect to (PPP) purchasing power parity. Most of the international transactions are done in American currency. In 2016 the GDP was estimated to be $ 18.56 trillion with the growth rate of 1.6%. U.S.A has seven major trading partners i.e. Canada, Mexico, Germany, Japan, United Korea, China and South Korea. The economic policies of the United States have always been the plus point since her independence. They have grown out of the box and now they are in a position where every nation wants to develop a good trading relation with them. On the other hand we need to understand the fact that GOD has created this world in a very balance state. Although it looks apparently that if we start following the economic system of U.S.A, we will end up being prosperous but we never realize that every nation has to fit in a place where she can play her role. If all of the countries in this world become economically sound, it will lead us to huge problems and conflicts between the states of this world.

It will be wise to say, we as a nation shall not adopt the social aspect of U.S. In the early era of her independence when there was not much technology, people used to interact with each other more often but in the late 20th century and early 21st century people became more self centered as a result of rise in income inequality. People have formulated classes and they hesitate making out with the other class. If we will follow such system, weaker body of the society will be treated inhumanly and there will be a feeling of depravedness among the weak lot which ultimately gives rise to the hatred for other class of the society. This will lead us to a conclusion that socially America is not a balanced state and we must restrain ourselves from it.

The culture of United States is an amalgam of different cultures as a result of migrations that took place during her early development and it includes Asian, Native American, Europe, Africa and Polynesian cultures. Her culture includes both liberal elements and conservative masses; it does not only consist of the above mentioned but also materialist, moral elements, political structures and risk taking. Due to the geographical location and demographic range, the culture of United States is considered to be a mythic identity by some researchers and other considers it exception. In short the culture of America is considered to be ideal all over the world; freedom of speech is given to all races, color and people of the society. I see no harm if the nation around the world starts adopting her culture but there must be diversity in this world. People must absorbs the good and restrain evil.

People of United States have worked hard since their independence; they attained a position where all of us want to reach. During this journey one must not forget his own values and norms. People from all over the world has some identity, they shall retain the good part in their attitude and personality where as they shall try to inculcate the better with respect to Political, Social, Cultural, and economic systems of United stated. I as a researcher will end this essay on a saying,


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