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A Few Precautions Before You Forward That Email

Updated on January 31, 2016

Once You Foward That Email, You can't get it back

Think Before Forwarding
Think Before Forwarding

If you wonder where some of the nastiness on the Internet comes from, you need not look any further than your own email inbox. With the political circus all charged up during the primaries, emails fly back and forth between those who are PRO or against the candidates vying for the GOP nomination. To add to the clutter in our inboxes we are also receiving emails from the opposing party who are expressing their point of view. It is all within our rights as Americans, but let’s keep it clean.

This is the time of the year for us all to take a stance against the hateful negative and often malicious lies and information that gets forwarded from person to person.

There are plenty of people out there who believe everything they read on the Internet. They accept it all as absolute truth and automatically spread those lies when they push their forward button. If you think of yourself as an intelligent responsible citizen, you should stand on moral grounds and verify or delete hateful email instead of automatically forwarding it.

Little lies become viral and hate groups pick up and circulate that trash. They may even be the source of this negative viral world.. Reputations are damaged and candidates are forced to spend valuable time denying lies instead of speaking on important issues. Yes, we all have our first amendment rights, but sleazy politicians, hate groups, PACs and those with opposing views have many tricks up their sleeves that allow them to fill the online community with negativity and hate.

Don’t Be So Fast With Your Forwards

If you forward malicious lies and hateful material, the recipient will believe those emails to be indicative of your thoughts and ideas which in turn can damage your reputation and standing among friends and associates. careful

It is every person's responsibility to verify the contents of private emails before forwarding. Let’s keep the process we value open and honest. It’s a grassroots movement we can all be part of.

  1. Before forwarding emails, verify the information

Two of the best known fact verification sites are:

  1. If you findthe email objectionable, simply delete it

  2. If you have the guts, rask the sender refrain from passing on malicious material

  3. Deny frequent hateful email senders access to your email account

  4. Forward the email, along with your comments about why you find it disturbing.

It’s the right thing to do. Help stamp out hateful emails.

Don't Forward Hate Mail

Sample of Forwarded Hate Mail and Comment to original sender
Sample of Forwarded Hate Mail and Comment to original sender

Cease and desist with your email crap

Feel free to send the email back to the original sender with your feelings about it. Let him know you don't agree with his sick outlook.


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