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Before You Pull the Lever

Updated on November 4, 2018

Bug is in the Kitchen

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, November 4, 2018. Bug is at the stove preparing Mini Pumpkin Souffles for our enjoyment. I am mixing up martinis to add to the fun. It's definitely 5 o'clock somewhere. Bug and I would love to see you at the breakfast table this morning. Election Day is almost upon us and Bug has a few thoughts about the day that he would like to share. I'll leave the door open.


Let's Vote with our Brains

Thanks so much for coming to the breakfast table this morning. Tuesday, Election Day, is a very important day in our nation's history. The past two years under President Trump's leadership has changed the face of America for the better. Despite massive and unwarranted resistance to his ideas, the president has managed to turn our economy around. The markets are soaring, jobs are in abundance and growing and the world now views America as the super power it is. When voters enter the voting booth on Tuesday they have to ask themselves why they would want to see this streak of optimism and success stopped in its tracks. If the Dems regain the House, we can kiss our tax cuts good-bye. If Dems win the House we can expect more turmoil at the borders. If Dems win the House they will try to undo all the good that President Trump has done for our nation. Before voters pull the lever, they should make sure that they are not voting against themselves and the rest of America. Voters should send a strong message to the Dems. We are not buying your lies. We are not appreciative of your desire to raise our taxes and re-impose stagnant economic growth. We reject all that you stand for. These last two years have revealed the true nature of the Democratic Party, and it is not a pretty picture.


Finger Pointing Time

Our mothers always told us that it wasn't nice to point fingers. It may not be nice, but it is necessary. The Dems deserve to have the collective fingers of the nation pointed at them. They were sent to Washington to serve the American people. They haven't served anyone but themselves these past two years. Their entire purpose was to resist the new president. Not once did it ever occur to any of these people that in resisting the president, they were resisting Americans. In resisting the president they turned their backs on all of us. In resisting this president they stopped doing their jobs. In resisting this president they used lies and hate speech to ramp up violence. The Dems caused a great deal of pain these last two years, and now is the perfect time to hold them responsible. We can do it at the polls. We can deal them a resounding blow at the polls. We can tell them we reject their wishes for our nation. No, we do not want open borders. No, we do not want thousands upon thousands of people crashing through our borders and invading our country. We can crush them in the voting booth and tell them that we resent their attempts to brainwash Americans. We can remind them that their despicable treatment of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh doesn't sit well with us. One of Kavanaugh's accusers just revealed that she lied about her rape charges, and in fact never even met Kavanaugh. We can vote the Dems out of office and send them a message that will send shock waves through their ranks straight into the hearts of people like Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Booker and Warren. We can use our precious votes to tell them we have had enough of their calls for disruption and violence. Our vote is our voice, so let's use it wisely.


Let's Keep America Great

President Trump is doing a fantastic job. He is completely transparent, and he is working his tail off trying to keep all his promises. Despite resistance from the Dems, he has managed to accomplish the release of prisoners held wrongfully in hostile nations. He has imposed sanctions on the dictatorship in Venezuela. He has effectively cracked down on gang members in MS-13. He has strengthened our military, supported our veterans and their families. He faced down North Korea and succeeded in stopping the rush to nuclearization. He negotiated the return of the remains of soldiers who died during the Korean War. Unemployment is at its lowest point in decades. Black unemployment is at historic lows. Hispanic unemployment is at historical low levels, as well. Our economy is booming. Our 401K's are going up, and we have more disposable income thanks to tax cuts. He eliminated the Obama care mandate which forced individuals to buy insurance or face fines. He opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling. He brought back jobs to coal country and steel workers are back at work, as well. He was the only president to have the guts to declare Jerusalem the capitol of Isreal and move our embassy there. He withdrew from the insane Paris climate deal. He pulled out of the disastrous Trans Pacific Partnership. He degraded ISIS and destroyed their hopes of establishing a caliphate.

Imagine, if you can, how much this man could do if he had the cooperation of a willing Congress. He would be unstoppable and the American people would reap all the benefits of his labors. There is no question that President Trump, if given the chance, could fix our broken immigration problem once and for all. There is no question that President Trump would make our nation safer if he could get his wall built. Sadly, there is no question that the Democrats are working against him and all Americans. Let's remember that on Tuesday,

Bug's Song

Go to the polls on Election Day

Make the Dems go away!


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