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Behind Closed Doors: The Animal Industry

Updated on September 1, 2017
vivianlisett profile image

Vivian has been a vegetarian/ vegan since February 6, 2016. She's researched a ton of information about the environmental disaster we're in.

Are We The Problem?

Since I can remember, I've eaten meat almost my whole life. Every Sunday my father would make the best BBQ in the world and my family and friends devoured meat every single day. It's in my culture, which is a Mexican culture. It's also in every other culture known to man and this meat-based diet dates back to the start of civilization. So, safe to say that this type of diet is the correct one right? Wrong. Not only is meat bad for our bodies, it's also very bad for the planet. Tons of fresh water is used to farm these animals, and all their waste goes into our atmosphere and the ocean. The situation has gotten one hundred times worst over the years, all because civilization just "can't stay away from steak".

Happy farm animals.
Happy farm animals. | Source

How do they live?

"If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian." -Paul McCartney

The industry doesn't exactly tell the public everything. People may think that the animals in the factory farms live in nice, wide open spaces; like what a farm is supposed to look like. In reality, factory farms are horrible, nasty places. The poor animals live in their own waste, aren't taken care of when sick, mistreated by workers with mentally and physically abuse. By mental abuse, i'm referring to the fact that baby cows are taken away from their mothers almost immediately after being born because then they'll drink their mother's milk, which is used for humans. Weird huh? Also, in regards to physical abuse: bull sperm is inserted into the cow by force, impregnating her over and over and over again until she drops. Then, she's killed for meat.

Oh, and male cows? They're instantly killed for meat due to the fact that they aren't milking machines. In the eyes of the industry, it's all about production; all about money.


"But we need our protein"

Yes, I completely agree that everyone needs protein. Funny thing: the largest animals on the planet, the mightiest and the strongest, get their protein from plants. Elephants, rhinos, bison, are all vegan.

Yes, meat has a lot of protein, as well as cholesterol, fat, sodium and hormones. Meat doesn't have vitamins and minerals, essential components for our cells to thrive.

"First of all, all protein is made by plants... and is not necessary to eat animal tissue in order to get protein."
- Dr. Milton Mills, M.D. (Critical care physician


What can we do?

Simple: Go vegan or vegetarian. You'll feel your energy go up sky high in the first few days, if you stay away from fatty vegan friendly products, you'll lose lots of weight and most likely, your sickness (if any) will slowly go away. We are what we eat, so eat healthy to look and feel beautiful inside and out.

Will it be hard? Only when you go out to restaurants and the family has a BBQ. But other than that, you'll find a whole new world of recipes and your body will thank you.



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    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 7 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      I can never give up meat but I do try to eat a balanced diet.

    • Sean Dragon profile image

      Ioannis Arvanitis 7 months ago from Greece, Almyros

      I wanted to write an article like this! Thank you for this. One more voice, one more hope! I am proud of you.