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"Being A Few Unpopular Opinions I Happen To Share"

Updated on September 13, 2014
Pontificating . . . as usual.
Pontificating . . . as usual. | Source

This is how it is:

  1. No one has God's number on speed dial: no church or sect, no political party or government, no fundamentalist freedom fighters, no Super Bowl-winning coach or quarterback and certainly no one claiming to be acting “in God's name.”

  2. Logic dictates a lower life-form (which, for the purpose of the present point, would be a human being) cannot have “a close, personal relationship” with an Omnipotent Being. Which means, bluntly, Jesus may well be your Savior but He's not your best bud, no matter what you think. He won't be dropping in to watch the big game next Sunday, either. Again, logic dictates that it must be so. But hey, don't take my word for it: read your Thomas Aquinas.

  3. “America's obsession with sports is a sickness that will only get worse.” Howard Cosell, a man who owed his living to reporting on sports, wrote that in his autobiography I Never Played The Game (which was the common criticism attached to his work by athletes and coaches). That was over 40 years ago and truer words, as the expression goes, were never spoken.

  4. NASCAR racing is no more a sport than “competitive eating.” For that matter, I have my doubts that simply going zoom-fast for hundreds of miles in a perpetual left turn qualifies as auto racing, which one would like to think involves a certain display of skill beyond “puttin' the pedal to the metal.”

  5. Government “by the people, for the people, of the people” is a noble sentiment to be sure but certainly doesn't apply to what passes for the democratic process in this year of Grace. Unless, of course, you have conspicuous amounts of what used to be called “the do-re-mi” because as everybody knows, money talks . . . (Do your elected officials truly represent your interests or do they represent what they want or think your interests should be? For that matter, do they represent what you want or think your interests should be? A question for another time, perhaps.)

  6. Xenophobia is neither a desirable nor an attractive national trait, but it seems to have become one all the same.

  7. Contrary to popular opinion racism, domestic violence, crime in general, willful ignorance, religious fanaticism, warlike tendencies and all the other human failings are not restricted to “people of color” and foreign nationals.

  8. Love is not complicated. That it is in movies and on television shows is merely a plot device to make the idea of falling or being in Love somehow more interesting and appealing, as if any such enhancements were needed. And they're mostly lies, anyway. F'rinstance: a guy – or woman - stands in the rain, looking up at the window of the apartment belonging to the object of their desire. Such a sweet, romantic thing to do, right? So poignant, it works on so many levels . . . But do that in “real life” and said object of desire will be “creeped out.” Love in and of itself is pure – people screw it up. Which leads neatly into . . .

  9. “It's not a perfect world.” Well, sorry, but it is. The Earth does just fine on its own, thank you very much. It's naturally beautiful and self-sustaining. Through no fault of its own, however, it has become infected with a terrible virus, which calls itself “humanity.” All talk of destroying the planet is garbage. Humanity is perfectly capable of destroying itself, but it isn't capable of destroying the planet. The Earth did just fine before we came along and will do just fine after we've gone.

  10. There is nothing treasonous about disagreeing with or not supporting government policies. To be against a war – declared or otherwise – is not the same as not supporting the people who serve in the Armed Forces.

  11. To think a “war on terrorism” can be won with aircraft carriers, bombing missions, tanks and the lives of American soldiers borders on being criminally insane. Of course, this isn't the first time we've thrown away the lives of our young men and women for “a Greater Good.” It may well be true that sacrifices have to be made from time to time, but I think they would be easier to take if I saw those same sacrifices were being made by the people making those demands from within the safety of the Beltway.

  12. All of the above is a product of freedom of thought. That you've read it is an act of free will. If we can't agree but can at least agree to disagree on any or all of the above, then we are – to at least some degree – intelligent, rational beings. And that's a start . . . let's keep it rolling.


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