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Being Conservative in Socialist America, Worse Yet in New York City

Updated on July 2, 2019
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Christian, parent, audio engineer, computer geek, teacher, writer & jack of all trades

By Michael Evans - This media is available in the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration, cataloged under the National Archives Identifier (NAID) 198527., Public Domain,
By Michael Evans - This media is available in the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration, cataloged under the National Archives Identifier (NAID) 198527., Public Domain, | Source

First I guess I should explain myself — in other words, why I'm a conservative in today's America. I've been a conservative for as long as I remember with Ronald Reagan as role model (the Reagan Doctrine). I believe in God, the Constitution especially the right to free speech and the right to own guns as well as well as keeping the government as far from my business as possible (laissez-faire). I also distrust democrats for meddling in people's lives — for example, the PMRC and how it affected the music industry as well as our First Amendment rights.

The Plantation

Most of the people I know in or close to New York City (including counties in northern New Jersey) are life-long liberals. Even some of my (real) friends whom I've known for several decades and whom I've trusted my life with in numerous occasions have turned to the wrong side — the hard left.

It's gotten so strange that even two of my (real) friends support millionaire socialist Bernie Sanders for president of the heart of capitalism — the United States of America. On a side note, only the elite in socialism — those more equal than others, those in power — are rich while the peasants are dirt poor. I can't understand why they've opted for leftist totalitarianism.

The Obama Cult

Many liberals were close to worshiping the Clintons (1991-99), but it was nothing like the Obamas (2009-16). They could do no wrong. Many liberals have made somewhat short of a religious experience from the latter two regardless of the many stories behind the Obamas.

  1. Barry is said to be flaming gay and a foreigner for that matter with a past under lock and key. If he were truly a foreigner and hence not an American citizen, he'd have broken federal laws and could be liable to prison time.
  2. Michelle (also referred to as Michael) is said to be a transsexual — a biological man (XY chromosome) — or at least a cheap transvestite. If it were true, (s)he'd have tainted and disgraced the White House as well as the institution and nation it represents.
  3. The two daughters are said to be adopted since they don't look like their parents or to one another — in other words, mere props in a political drama. The latter doesn't mean that these girls are not loved by their parents.

There were many scandals in the Obama administration regardless that were often swept quickly under the rug by the leftist propaganda machine.

  1. Operation Fast & Furious,
  2. payment of at least $20 billion in cash (depending on the source you read, listen or watch) to Iran to release prisoners and stop or rather accelerate that country's nuclear program,
  3. the Obamacare scam that only benefited the insurance companies and Big Pharma,
  4. the torture and slaughter of an American diplomat and military officers in the hands of savages in Benghazi under excuse of a YouTube video,
  5. Hillary Clinton's secret email server sanctioned by the Obama administration,
  6. IRS discriminating against conservative non-profit organizations
  7. constantly criticizing and much too often insulting America, Christians and other religious and/or conservative groups that opposed his radical ideology,
  8. and many others that may often fall in the conspiracy theory bin.

The mainstream media has always denied any wrongdoing by their heroes (Barry and Michael), but that's a different topic in itself. It's never mattered what was said of them. Their followers protected them even opting for violence — no blasphemy against the false messiah and false gods (the permanent government as a faceless entity with layers of bureaucracy, corruption and senseless regulations) as well as the leftist's false prophets (starting with the Clintons and the Obamas) and charlatan priests (including Al Gore's global warming scam).

With my not-so-secret rejection of the Obama regime, I've gotten the evil eye from many individuals — American citizens, green card holders (resident aliens, legal aliens, foreigners with federal permit to live here without time and/or job restrictions) and especially illegals (foreigners without any federal permit who shouldn't be on American soil, federal criminals, undocumented or whatever other Newspeak term leftists want to use to hide the federal crime by these individuals) who depend on the democrat control and not protection (sanctuary cities, corrupt politicians and especially the DNC).

Being conservative in a free-loading environment where politicians and so-called activists steal from the middle class to shelter and feed illegals while Americans starve and/or have nowhere to sleep at night is difficult if not extremely insulting.

Breaking the Law (not the Judas Priest anthem)

Note that there's difference between thr terms immigrant and illegal immigrant, which the liberal media and corrupt politicians use as synonyms.

  1. An immigrant is any person traveling from one country to another. In order to comply with federal laws, the immigrant needs a working visa, residency permit and/or other permit provided by the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS). The latter either gives the immigrant the right to exist on American soil either as a resident alien or citizen.
  2. An illegal immigrant is any person traveling from one country to another without the proper permit. As such, the person has no right as an individual to exist on American soil — hence referred to as an illegal.

Following the word of federal law, Donald Trump has expressed his support to legal immigration, but he (as well as many conservatives) is called a racist. Liberals ignore the fact that being in the United States illegally (no permit) is not a race.

It's somewhat masochistic to live [in New York] when all I — as well as many conservatives — want is to be safe and not being taxed to death (robbed) to make social leeches feel at home.

Being right when everyone around is wrong (left side of sanity)

Being conservative in a free-loading environment where politicians and so-called activists steal from the middle class to shelter and feed illegals while Americans starve and/or have nowhere to sleep at night is difficult if not extremely insulting.

It's somewhat masochistic to live here when all many conservatives (myself included) want is to be safe and not taxed to death (robbed) to make social leeches feel at home. To make matters worse, leftists to the point of being senselessly socialists have managed to make American citizens and green card holders feel guilty of having a penny more than whatever protected class like illegals and those who don't want to work. They have taken the social conscience of religion (giving to the poor) to push their wealth equality agenda (no more middle class, only filthy rich or dirt poor). Even churches are caught in the leftist scam adopting such behavior as part of their doctrine. The only time socialists are interested in religion — other people's faith and/or deity — is for political gain and most welcome profit. Politicians and their sheep call this distribution of wealth where no one should have more than others. As such a scientist would earn as much as a janitor with the same insignificant benefits like welfare for all (Obamacare or any variation of it) — in other words full blown communism.

Going back to the Obama Cult (practically a curse), just like every dictator or political messiah who has corrupted humanity like Stalin and Hitler, there are many who still love and adore (not simply like) the Obamas. For these people who can no longer think individually, the Obamas especially Barry were heaven-sent. They ignore the social divide, the hatred towards police and law enforcement in general, racism towards non-white people, anti-America attitude in favor of globalism, censorship and the many levels of corruption like Spygate (payback for Hillary Clinton losing miserably to Donald Trump).

  1. Barry is still a public figure spewing the anti-America agenda from globalists who believe in a socialist utopia.
  2. Michelle (Michael) is still a fashion icon although she looks like a cheap drag with untucked bulge. The leftist sheep ignore the fact that current First Lady Melania Trump was a fashion model and is probably the most elegant woman who's ever lived in the White House aside from Jackie Kennedy.
  3. I have no idea how people see their two daughters. I honestly couldn't care less.

By Robert Knudsen, White House - John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston [1], Public Domain,
By Robert Knudsen, White House - John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston [1], Public Domain, | Source

Beating on a dead horse named GOP

Although I don't like the idea of beating on a dead horse as it has a mental image of animal cruelty, but it's the best way to describe the current state of the GOP in the state, which is fairly controlled by policies made in ultra-liberal New York City — not the state capital of Albany. This might be why NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (a NYC democrat) and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio (real name Warren Wilhelm Jr., another NYC democrat) have been feuding for years trying to control New York City and therefore the whole state — a war of huge egos, but small brains. As such, the mere ~5% of republicans aren't welcome in the state, which is ~90% democrat as per the total number of registered voters.

Therefore the state needs a conservative presence either as the GOP or the right-leaning Libertarian Party (LP) with a fraction of 1% — not like it can make too much of a difference with NY leftists. Most likely leftists see any third party — including the LP, which is currently the third largest party in the United States, followed by the Green Party — as a mere nuance rather than competition.

As I've mentioned in several of my articles, the LP or any other right-leaning party should replace the GOP in this state and convince voters that democrats don't have their best interest at heart if at all — not like it would be a lie, hence no dirty politics. I've asked several right-leaning politicians for strategies to accomplish the latter, but I haven't yet heard a good battle plan.

Since most elections in the state are won or lost with New York City numbers, one thing that any party taking on the DNC needs is advertisement in other languages heavily spoken in NYC like Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and several others. Foreigners need to break from the liberal indoctrination — lies against conservatism (people, values, etc.) told to foreigners fresh off the boat like the conservatives being the big ogres who want eat their children and liberals being their only protectors.

The problem here is that Spanish television in New York City (not sure about the rest of the state) is controlled by and/or freely supportive of the liberal agenda. In this city, there are two television networks — one owned by a Mexican globalist and the other under the NBC banner. There are also numerous radio stations. The non-English media are proudly against conservatives (currently against Trump, their militant stand), against American values, against assimilation (full and proper integration), in favor of illegal immigration (invasion, openly harboring those committing federal crime, a risk of national security and even a health risk bringing diseases into American soil) and willing to lie in order to break the law and/or protect their false messiahs, prophets and/or idols (the Obamas, the Clintons and whoever they see as their new leftist hero).

Exposing liberal politicians for the liars they are

Undoing the leftist brainwashing will take lots of time and lots of effort. There are several generations corrupted by leftists. That's about sixty (60) years' worth of living in the Linden B. Johnson (LBJ) Plantation — great great grandparents, great grandparents, grandparents, parents and now children who'd teach their own children the lies learned as truth (the leftist indoctrination originally founded by LBJ).

These people must be deprogrammed and taught that leftist politicians only see them as votes (numbers, not as humans) holding on to those votes with never-ending dependency on government programs like Medicaid (a modern day form of self-imposed slavery, surrendering human will to dirty politicians). Leftists need the poor to remain poor or become poorer in order to control them while making them believe that conservatism could help them escape the shackles of poverty.

The propaganda machine would make Goebbels proud and the control could make Soviets envious. The left has accomplished more than Nazi Germany and the USSR while allowing their peasants think they're free.

By Arnold Newman, White House Press Office (WHPO) -, Public Domain,
By Arnold Newman, White House Press Office (WHPO) -, Public Domain, | Source

Quick LBJ conspiracy, having JFK taken out

On a side note, I believe that LBJ had the opportunity to start his indoctrination after John F. Kennedy (JFK) was removed from power. In other words, I believe that JFK was killed in order for LBJ to be president. Of course, the latter is merely a conspiracy theory and I could be right or wrong.

By Cecil Stoughton, White House - Media iavailable in the holdings of the National Archives & Records Administration cataloged under National Archives Identifier (NAID) 194255., Public Domain,
By Cecil Stoughton, White House - Media iavailable in the holdings of the National Archives & Records Administration cataloged under National Archives Identifier (NAID) 194255., Public Domain, | Source

No visible light at end of this tunnel

Maybe I'm too cynical for not seeing immediate success. Maybe I'm just shamelessly realistic. Changing the often godless mentality of this city might be close to impossible. Sixty (60) years of indoctrination is difficult to break in one or two election cycles.

It might be easier to confuse liberals into thinking that libertarianism is the same as liberalism (play of words, same Latin root liber) and steal the democrat vote. The lack of integrity would make libertarians (or any other right-leaning party with a name that could cause a similar effect) no better than liberals — the common political enemy and direct opposition of conservative values.

Another alternative to rescue this state and the rest of the US would be pushing the division of New York and California either as new right-leaning states or fully autonomous regions. This would break the extreme leftist stronghold.

If I were optimistic and not so skeptical (the New Yorker in me), I would say that educating those in the Plantation would be the most proper way to reprogram these individuals. One thing I know for sure is that educating these people would take years if not decades — time we don't have to rescue America from the cesspool of socialism, ignorance, poverty, arrogance, godlessness and plain stupidity.

Police state

Every form of dictatorship needs its foot soldiers aside from hooligans like the bastardized version of Antifa. In this state, there are numerous laws that limit every person's rights often going against the Bill of Rights and/or the Constitution (guns demonized, limited freedom of speech if you're a conservative, etc.). Even if law enforcement officers find these laws stupid and/or insulting, they have to uphold the law.


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