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Being Safe

Updated on June 12, 2011

This post arose from something that happened to me today.

I was out driving around about thirty miles from my home as I often do on my day off looking for things to take pictures of and there are quite a few in this area. There are a number of abandoned houses, buildings, businesses, nature etc. I had stopped to take a picture of an old building and some trees. I got in my car and started to leave when this Ford Explorer came from one street over and turned toward where my car was parked. The driver slowed down behind my car then drove away. I thought the person was going to ask me if I needed help or was having car trouble. This is usually what happens when someone wants to know what's going on. I left and headed towards home wanting to make one stop before leaving the area. There was an empty church I wanted to stop and look at and get the realtors name and phone number. Before I got to where I needed to turn I saw the SUV behind me so I turned right on the highway to take me home. The driver turned in the opposite direction towards the town so I assumed he/she needed to go to the store. I drove a short ways down the road and turned around and starting heading back towards the church for sale when I noticed the green SUV on the opposite side. I knew right then that the driver had simply driven down the road and turned around so she could follow me. When I passed her that's when I saw that it was a woman and she was on the phone. I saw her slowing down and getting ready to make the turn that would put her back on the same side of the highway as me. But I drove a couple of miles down the road, turned around and headed back in the direction that I had just came from. I was almost curious to see if she were sitting up down the road someplace ready to follow me again. But by the time I got back to the main highway she was nowhere to be found. I'm guessing she thought I was headed towards the town area and didn't want to follow or assumed I turned but didn't know where. She was keeping a fair distance behind me. Thankfully I knew this area well and could have taken an alternative route home.

Many questions came to my mind. One, was she actually going to follow me? I was about thirty miles from my home in the next state. She could easily see my license plate and knew that. It was about twenty miles to the state line. So I was quite surprised that she might have been actually going to follow me possibly all the way to my home or at the very least a few miles down the road even.

I don't know exactly where the truck came from. I'm assuming it was someone that lived in the area but I can't be sure since the vehicle turned onto the street I was on from the next street over. There was only one house that I saw on the road I was on and she didn't come out of it unless there was driveway access from the back. I was parked a ways from this house. I had to walk to get to the place where the trees were that I wanted to photograph.

I've talked about gangstalking and mobbing in other posts which have been focused towards my husband and have experienced some very strange incidences but I don't believe this to be one of those cases partly due to the distance from my home.

The scary part for me was that if the person wanted to know why I was stopped on the side of the road all she had to do is stop and ask.

I've been lucky and never encountered this before and I encounter alot of people on a daily basis. Certainly I encounter the rude driver, etc. just like everyone does. There are alot of people out there with a few screws loose. I would definitely classify this incident as one of those. Someone once told me that there are alot of people walking around that belong in mental institutions. There are no truer words.

As for being safe, it is important to know your surroundings at all times. It is important to know who you are dealing with especially if that person is coming into your home, using your automobile, taking care of your children or in any other position where they can gather information about you that is person and private. Enough of our information is out there for anyone to see there is no need to put even more out there. That's why I caution against using social networks and posting what you are doing and where you are going during the day and night for anyone to see even if those people are on your friend list. My husband thinks someone may have ended up on his friend list that is not into spiritualism(he makes friends that are interested in the same things he is) like his other friends are but is there because of an ulterior motive. You must watch out for those kinds of people. You don't know who they are when it's internet based and they can be saying anything and telling you they are from some other country when in reality they are next door.

Because of the unfortunate safety issues that face us today it important to be diligent. If you are comfortable when a gun I highly recommend you keep one in your home and car for personal protection. If not use pepper sprays and any other defense weapons that are legal in your state.

Just keep in mind safety should come first at all times and awareness is one of the best defense mechanisms you have.


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    • profile image

      shit loser 6 years ago

      wow i cant believe what happened so bad that was me

    • Richard Sirota profile image

      Richard Sirota 6 years ago from Allentown, PA.

      Very disconcerting indeed. I may have a possible explanation. I drove cab[ a screaming yellow Checker Marathon] in my hometown for a number of years. I too was/am an enthusiastic photographer and would often carry my gear along with me because as I had learned, you never know where you might wind up or what you might see. I was stopped on a dead Sunday in the affluent west-end of town and spied a beautiful house front that I thought would make an excellent picture. So I unpacked my Pentak K-1000 and usung the normal 50mm lens sighted and took the shot, and replaced the camera into my carry bag. I took out a book to read. All was quite for a while when the dispatcher came on and asked me where I was and to expect a visitor. I looked up into the rear view mirror and saw a police squad car behind me. As the officer exited the vehicle another squad car pulled in across the street and a third in front of me. Apparantly someone in the house I had photographed thought I was casing the place. Never mind that I stayed where I was after taking the picture or that I would case the place in something as obvious as a Taxi.

      Perhaps this driver you encountered also thought you were up to something nefarious photographing a private residence without permissionand took your liscence plate down to inform the local constabulary.