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Being Safe: Gangstalking

Updated on November 27, 2011

This is a followup to the article I wrote yesterday about being safe when you are out driving. There are many safety issues at hand and one big important one is being safe in your automobile.

I can't say this is a clear case of stalking. Perhaps they are all coincidences. But when do too many coincidences indicate something more?

As in the previous situation I was about thirty miles from home in the same general locale. Only this time I was not taking pictures nor did I get out of my car. I was driving down the highway and made my turn when I saw a green Ford Explorer like the one I previously saw heading towards me. I drove down the road and decided to turn around. On the way back the green Ford was again heading towards me. I drove a short ways down the road and made a turn and turned into a fire dept parking lot. I sat there for a few minutes and the Ford turns into the parking lot and just sat there. After a couple of minutes I left wondering how they knew I had pulled into that parking lot when it was about a quarter of a mile off the main road and was shielded from view with thick trees and bushes.

A short time later I decided to drive in the direction that I saw the truck coming from the day before. There was another green Ford explorer parked in front of the last house on that road but older than the one that followed me. What really piqued my curiousity is that just this same morning I had seen a green Ford Explorer(an older one like the one parked) across the street from my house. Only it was picking up my neighbor. The same one that my husband thinks is involved in his stalking activity. Partly due to the fact that the neighbor is always around, often showing up at places we frequent, being at the end of our road when we get home, being right there at our front door when we walk out in the morning. There have been times when I felt this person was just sitting and watching to see when we leave or watch to see what we are doing. Early on, after my dad passed away he came down and offered to help us out with things like hauling off trash from my dad's, walking our dog, etc. My dad was a pack rat and had much junk in his yard that belonged to him and another man that lived with him for awhile so we welcomed the help.

It was then that my husband starting noticing something just wasn't right with the neighbor. We would arrive at my dad's and on several occasions the neighbor would show up only minutes later and we had not told him or anyone else where we were going. We started to notice that our dog was getting plump and we were not feeding her any more than usual. Finally it came to our attention that he had started pretending to walk the dog and collect the money for no services rendered.

Oddly our dog will bite him if he even tries to start up our walkway which I find strange for someone that was once walking. He did legitimately walk her for awhile.

By this time he had conned my husband into letting him drive his car. On one occasion he brought the car back and had had the hood up. I angrily told my husband not to allow this but the next time I was out of town working he would beg to borrow the car and my husband would allow it.

It was bad enough the neighbor would bring the car back empty of gas every time he drove it. He was always lying and did not have a job. He would say he had a job but then a few days later it was another job then a couple of weeks after that another job. These were nothing but lies or he couldn't hold down a job for more than a day or so one. We had started to suspect he might be dealing drugs. I finally told my husband this was the final straw. I explained that if he got pulled over by the police with enough drugs for distribution the car would get impounded and if something happened to that car he would be walking to work or would have to settle for a $500 piece of junk that he would have to work on daily just to get to work and back. That must have persuaded him because he finally set his foot down.

Now the neighbor is nothing more than a criminal and a con artist. Factor those things in and I must consider if would participate in this mobbing. It's clear that he doesn't work and can't hold a job down but what, if any, monetary gain would he get from helping the mobbers?

I finally headed toward the library and there was green truck with a woman inside doing nothing but sitting there. When I went inside the library she left.

It could be just a coincidence. Perhaps each and every one of these incidences are isolated and unrelated.

As usual when I returned home I was informed that our dog barked the entire time I was gone and not because I left but this is recurring. Every time I leave our poor dog gets no reprieve from whatever it is that is making her bark. When my husband brought her in she was skittish and jumpy and she is not that kind of dog.

For me, the problem lies in making sense out of this.

It is important to remain calm and simply navigate yourself away from the area. And to a public place with alot of people around. If someone continues to follow you call 911.

As for a gangstalker I've heard that if you pull over and follow them they hate it but you can't employ that technique very often as they will get wise and will use something different on you. It is also advised to doubleback on the person following you as opposed to making the recommended five right hand turns. I doublebacked on the explorer and knew right then she was following me. If I hadn't I might never have known what was happening except for the fact she was making it pretty obvious.

I can't say my case is gangstalking but factor all the little things in and it doesn't quite add up. Not to me anyway. It's important to keep a clear head and understand that some things are just coincidence even if they are strange.

That said be safe and alert to your surroundings at all times.


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    • profile image

      anon 5 years ago

      it pisses them off very badly when you follow them. I do it all the time.... and I love pissing them off. I'm not scared.

    • profile image

      Serena Gabriel 5 years ago

      Interesting! When you're having a stalking issue sometimes it's hard to sort out what's going on - like is something a random event or not.

      It's good you carry a camera. Doesn't hurt to carry some protection, too. Stalkers are all cowards, regardless.

      I left a comment on another of your related articles, too.

      Voted up!