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They Say...

Updated on March 16, 2011

They say...

They say when a senseless crime happenes many people stand around and don't take notice. Why? Why, if you saw something awful, would you just pass it by? Or would you? Are you one of those kind hearted, sympathetic, caring individuals, that your hart isn't callused over yet?

They say that once you have a friend, not just any friend, a true friend! A friend that no matter what you do, how you act or how you smell that day, they are their for you. They say-"Then and only then are you truly blessed with a friend."

They say life has three guarantees-your born, you pay taxes and then you die. If that was our only guarantee then there isn't much to live for. We should be guaranteed that we will have friends, love, have a family, a good job, hope, forgiveness, joy and laughter and don't forget-God, who walks by us every step of the way BUT many people are not and don't feel guaranteed that they will have any of these in their live. They have no more hope to carry them through, to wait and see that there truly is a guarantee to have the rest. To have a life of abundance.

They say money will bring happiness and contentment in our lives. Does money truly bring these things or does the mere thought of having it all bring thoughts of wishing more, wanting more and false contentment and happiness? Does money really? I don't believe so...

They say...People say many things! Some true, some not true, some people want to believe because they have nothing else to believe in, some just falsely say they believe just to shut someone up, some just say things to have something to say. What do you say?


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