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Being a woman is hard. It’s also a gift.

Updated on January 26, 2015

As a strongly self-proclaimed feminist, I have always had to face a lot of ridiculous accusations like,

“You women only know how to take advantage of complex situations.”

Or really insane ones like,

“You’re only weak when you’re in a situation that’s not favorable for you.”

While these accusations are frustrating beyond words, they also make me a stronger feminist and an even stronger woman.

Being a woman is hard but it’s also a gift. Here’s how these two contradictory statements work together.

We all know how dangerous this world is and how hard it can be to survive in it. A completely independent and accepted woman is hard to find even in the most developed countries sometimes and being a woman with an open mind in a third world country like ours is even harder. Even though we claim to be a developing country, we’re still learning more towards underdeveloped. A very big reason for that is the lack of education here. Due to this, we are often taught how to live life in the old fashioned way. The way where women cannot stay outside the house after dark, cannot work with men, and are only there for house chores.

Even though, this has changed to quite an extent, it’s still there. And so, it’s hard. It’s hard because I still see mothers telling their daughters to learn how to cook so that she can feed her husband not so that she can feed herself when she goes out of the country for higher studies or so. It’s hard because even though we, women, are allowed to do a lot, we’re at the same time, not allowed to be as career oriented as men. Women even today, in a lot of houses are asked to have a limited dream. So, yes, it’s hard. It’s hard because a woman is highly unsafe in the dark or when she’s walking home from work. Thus, it is very hard to be a woman.

Being a woman is also one of the greatest gifts in the entire world. When I was 14, I asked my mother why it’s so hard to be a girl. Why we girls have to face so much pain and trouble. I told her how unfair it is. That was when she made me see the light and said, “Being a woman is a gift. You, a woman is capable of bringing a child in this world. There can never be a gift greater than that.” Back then, I couldn’t understand why bearing a child, which was so painful had so much meaning. I still don’t understand it completely but I do get it better now.

It’s not only the fact that a woman can give birth to another human being that makes being a woman such a wonderful thing. It’s also how for centuries women have been beating the odds that makes being a woman such a gift and pride. Being a woman is a gift because we haven’t let anything stop us. Being woman is a wonderful thing because even though after all this time and all the protests against gender discrimination, being tied down and yet, we rise. It’s a gift because even though we, women still have limitations, in every home, there’s a woman who’ll teach her daughter to dream bigger than anyone can imagine and another one will teach her younger sister to learn to cook for herself not for her husband. Being a woman is a gift because we, women, have proven time and time again that we can’t be caged. We have fought to be free for centuries and we still do and we forever will. It’s a gift because being a woman in this world has made me face a lot of difficulties that I could have never even imagined but all those have only made me a better woman, more open minded and have made me want to change the world and bring a difference for women all over.

So, what in this entire world could be better than being a woman who wants to make a difference and take the world by storm yet again?

A fun take on the topic


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