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Being nice Makes Electronic Harassment Ineffective

Updated on September 10, 2010

How to Generate "Empathy Vibes"

      Last night was pretty excellent.  While watching football with my brother, I was able to counteract E-harassment irritation by flexing my "Niceness muscle".  At first, I inhaled any pain my brother might have and exhaling a healing light.  I really care about him, so upon doing this I felt a surge of energy just to the right of my belly-button.  This is what empathy physically feels like.  Anger is on the left side of your belly.  They directly stimulate this "physical emotion point" to make you feel angry. 

     Then I began to "flex" this "empathy energy site".  By focusing on a point just to the right of your belly, you can become so nice that the E-harassment frequency shifts into those "Angel Voices" I told you about.  Thinking humbly and meekly keeps the vibes right between you and someone you care about, whether they are in or out of this group.  This is how I have succesfully worked with others:  think of them exactly as if they were my best freinds. 

     Apparently, this group works by "giving you awful feelings" toward it's members.......(even non-members) to facilitate your joining them or to isolate you.  This CAN be overcome.   You can train your own mind to see your environment as freindly.  Once you accomplish this, it's like it BECOMES however you believe it to be.  With the right med combination, you can easily feel freindly towards others.  This is just like stepping OUT of one dimension into another.  It takes some far-out thinking to match this far-out technology!  

     Sometimes you must become the nicest person alive to master these mind-games.  Remember your empathy center, strive to be nice like you are out to win an election.  Of course you will have to keep switching realities to avoid the "Bad Vibes", so go back to physical reality again and you'll find that no one is on that "Belief Frequency", so you can relax for awhile.  Remember the new "nice energy center" and you'll be able to care which will make things infinitely easy for you. 

     Remember it's all illusion and that if you can bust out and feel good every once and awhile (despite their best efforts  to pain you)'ll feel your inner-spirit come to LIFE.  This is a process that requires constant misery to break you.  Be as un-constant and un-predictable in your thought patterns and you'll be beyond their reach for good! 



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    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      Dear Moeflats,thank you!!!