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Beirut Bombing is a Diversionary Stunt

Updated on November 19, 2013

The so called terrorist attack being reported by CNN, Fox and others on Nov. 19, was not what is seems despite the killing of 25 and injuring another 150. Political intrigue and the Syrian war weighs heavily in this part of the world. The Saudis advance warning indicated that Iran and Hezbollah were plotting a major terrorist operation in Beirut as a diversionary stunt. This warning went out on Nov.16.

According to the Saudis, Iran and its proxy, Hezbollah, needed a faux terrorist diversionary stunt to draw attention away from the more than 3,000 Hezbollah troops who were forced to return to the Syrian battlefield in the last ten days for the key upcoming battle. Assad needs the additional military power to succeed in the Qalamun Mountains northwest of Damascus.

Counterterrorism experts state that there is no Abdullah Azzam Brigade, which took responsibility for the twin attacks in Beirut that is part of al-Qaeda. At least, it is not known to exist. But, Hezbollah frequently hires random discontents to lob GRAD missiles into Israel or do do other small operations.Despite iran's influence over Hezbollah, they do not control them per se. They suffered heavy losses in the Qusayr battle, 200 dead and 750 injured. That battle has made its members fiercely opposed to getting embroiled any further in Assad's war in Syria. That is ironic because of the connection to Syria and Iran. Yet, the terrorist bombing was devised to draw the attention away from locals and refocus it on al-Qaeda in hopes to create support for sending 3000 more troops into Syria. Remember, al-Qaeda was begun by a Saudi.

Many westerners thought that maybe Iran was getting a taste of its own medicine now from exporting terrorism globally. Not so. This was purposely done for local Lebanese consumption.

The upcoming battle is a another key battle for Assad to win, and he is winning. This battle has Syrian rebel militias defending and are backed by Saudi intelligence with data, fighting strength and arms. Their defeat would be a serious reverse for the Saudis, if Assad wins, it will reopen the route from Damascus to the coastal towns of Latakia and Tartus, which is now closed.

Even for Iran, this sort of tactic is uncommon. But, perhaps the persons hired to do this "terror" attack did it too well or did have some undetected motives within the group. Iran does not like to kill its own, but, the Iranian cultural attaché who paid the price will be honored as a martyr, no doubt.

You may not believe this, but it is odd that no official response from al-Qaeda declaring that they did do this has come. Odd things happen in desperate moments.


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