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The Point of New Beginning~Believe Part 1

Updated on March 11, 2015

Welcome and Please Share

As the mayoral campaign is getting started, everyone is getting the opportunity to meet one of the new candidates. Our initiative is to advocate for the city and the citizens; in no way will we affiliate ourselves with any particular candidate.

We will update you soon regarding the Informed Citizens Meeting, and begin to hear what the citizens of ELO want in a mayor, and leader of the city.


So many exciting events beginning to take shape in East Liverpool. The momentum is unbelievable. Asking you to begin here, read about our city, learn to love our city, and become involved as the transformation begins.

Check other pages on my site to find out information regarding: several city wide clean up events, community garden planning, and the beginning of Block Watch!

Thank you!

Beauty of East Liverpool

East Liverpool...Home

East Liverpool, own birthplace and the birthplace of many; especially, the birth of Pottery. Situated on the Ohio River, in the most scenic valley area, East Liverpool, is becoming a once forgotten town. Littered with drugs, and run down houses, and barely existing economy in the downtown district; the once thriving community, is in near desolation.

On the cusp of the 2015 Mayoral Election, the residents of East Liverpool are again looking for leadership that will bring vibrancy back to the downtown district. Flourishing businesses, movie theater, restaurants, and accommodations for tourism, the community firmly believes that new leadership should be the focus of this election. As well, they want an individual who is creative enough to bring back the city.

How will this all pan out? Well, as that is my birthplace and where my friends and family reside, I am looking to spread awareness and raise serious questions, from the community, in order to fully prepare the small town to appoint a Mayor, whom they feel best represents a vision, a future, for the city.

Images of East Liverpool (2014-2015)

The images presented, serve as an indicator of the decay in the downtown district. Abandoned houses, empty warehouses, trash in the streets, and businesses...boarded up, or windows smashed out. The city is in desperate need of leadership and community action to revive downtown East Liverpool, Ohio.


Mayor Commitment Poll

What do you think should be the most important action the new mayor should take, immediately entering office?

See results

Recent Business Fires

Quite a few businesses have burned in the past several months, and as more details develop, we will share.

ELFD, a group of great men, having been fighting a lot of fires lately and the city of East Liverpool has been raising some serious concerns on the amount of fire fighters we have and/or need and the struggle to financially survive.

Returning to East Liverpool, Ohio

For the out of town readers, what are some of the things that you would like to see change, if you were considering returning to East Liverpool, Ohio.

Living in East Liverpool, Ohio

What type of change would you like to see occur if you were considering moving to ELO?

See results

Point Of Beginning

Future Discussions

In order to be effective in gaining the attention that East Liverpool needs during this campaign, and after, this dialogue needs to expand from just the thoughts in this initial article.

Residents are encouraged to send comments to be discussed; as news breaks or information relevant to the plight of the city develops, we will be right here to update you and take comments!

One topic to consider: low income housing. Please read this article to learn more about low income housing in Columbiana County, Ohio.


This is not "my" story alone to tell. Your experiences, my experiences, they are all the same, yet different. It is time for the citizens of ELO to put forth their choices. They have felt silenced for so long, and many want to see a return to the thriving community it once was. Well, that didn't happen by accident. Community back then was just that, community. In my case, majority of us born and raised, and schooled together our whole life. You bet if I was doing something, and my BFF's Mom found out, and vice versa...we were in trouble. The town, Where Everybody Knew Your Name!

Please, in the comments, share your love, your hate even (with respsect), and your visions for a better city. One to engage youth, to build a city where the next generation of East Liverpoolians, can raise their children, and build what my family had....


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    • MaeLynn Lee profile imageAUTHOR

      Cara Lynn McLaughlin 

      3 years ago from Clermont, Georgia

      Thank you for the kind comments.

      The idea was to showcase the condition of the city now, to what it can and will be soon!

      Mayor or not, the citizens are capable of improving their city!

      That is what this initiative is all about!

    • profile image

      Reina Linville 

      3 years ago

      This is very well put together Cara. I can agree with most of it. Although the pictures that you show are of buildings that have been empty or dilapidated for decades. We can easily see where the city needs change but I will be the first to say that it took a city to make it beautiful and thriving before and that is what it will take now. You can appoint a new Mayor but without definite change nothing will change. I would like to see it written or noted some of the positive that has been done here in the city. I have lived in or around East Liverpool all of my life and have most of my family still living here. I have seen small businesses that have stayed and weathered the storms. They struggle but see the good here and don't leave. We have the Wharf that loads of people go to fish and walk and just sit and take in the river side. I get so tired of hearing all of the bad. There are drugs everywhere, that's why we have hard working police officers in this city. We will have fires and not all of them are vacant homes or businesses and hard working firefighters. We have short staffed public and emergency employees that don't leave the city for bigger higher paying employment but stay for this small town even when they are seldom thanked and social media criticized. We are often told it takes a village to raise a child , well why not a village/city to raise East Liverpool. We can constantly put our city down for what we don't have or what we have always needed changed but why not quit complaining and start doing? For example: If you see garbage if front of a particular place and you can take a picture with your iphone to post to social media to complain, then why not take a garbage bag down and make it a personal or family thing to clean up that small space and post a picture of that...under it say "look at this pretty little gem" East Liverpool will never be what it once was but it can be something that IS. I love to walk the streets and just take in the positive and I photograph all sorts of things. Buildings, dusty windows, new businesses, small businesses ....even a dandelion popping through the sidewalk. I'm not downing anyone just wanting to see the good.

    • Alan  B  Lockwood profile image

      Alan B Lockwood 

      3 years ago from East Liverpool, Ohio

      Very well done- its obvious that someone is enjoying watching these houses burn- the street scenes and buildings are sad to one who has always lived here and remembers very well what a busy place this was- but- as long as we exist there is hope

    • profile image

      Lucy Harris 

      3 years ago

      Very well put together, Cara. I have been fascinated by the fact that ELO is the Point of Beginning; ever since I saw how it has been described on the stone monument at the entrance of the Buckeye Council Seven Ranges Boy Scout Camp, where they expound on it; and where they have Hutch's Trail with a patch that can be earned, if hiked..... so much rich history in this area. I am fascinated by the craftsmanship of the buildings, here, in ELO. I asked once about the PNC Bank downtown, why the ceilings are so high; making it difficult to heat. The bank manager said, to show off their craftsman skills. Fascinating! In talking with one of our high school teachers (former councilman), he said one of the first things that I should do in office is to cut the grass upon entering the city and I said, that's a no-brainer..... I have often been a little miffed when driving back into the city from PA on Route 39, because one cannot even see the "Entering Ohio" sign until they've almost passed it. There are so many simple things that can be done to make a difference. They may not sound like a lot, though, but when road crews have to be paid to do this on a tight budget; it's apparent that the city has put this on the back burner. After exploring guidelines of what volunteers can, and cannot, do on city property; my desire is to bring that into operation, as soon as the weather will permit, in the year 2016. If it can be done sooner, then fantastic! Other areas will take a little more concentration because of raising the necessary funds. But, I used to take Cub Scouts around the inner-city block around 5th and Jackson, picking up the trash..... Like I mentioned, to me, it's a no-brainer. But, then, that's me. If something falls on the ground, I pick it up.... I've tried to pass that on to the ones I work with. Start with the simple things and the larger opportunities will start coming together in a faster, more orderly manner. Again, you have put together a nice format and I appreciate what you are doing for our city. Thank you.


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