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Ben Laden’s Death and America’s Counterrterrorism Strategy

Updated on May 2, 2011

CNN reported the death of the leader of al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, president Obama announced the news in the white house on May 1.
So Laden died at last. This time seemed the news is true since the body had been verified through DNA determination. President Obama also declared that Bin Laden’s death is a major achievement of anti-terrorism in the history of America. Also, for securing from the revenge of Al Qaeda, US has elevated its security. During the ten years, the presidents of America started two anti-terrorism wars: namely Afghan and Iraq war, it is getting worse as the war is in progress, it also caused the war with Lybia is not full-fledged. This is all because of Bin Laden, now he is dead. Obama breathed a sign of relief, putting what seems to be an end to the 9.11 attack. 

For many years, Bin Laden is like a ghost haunting the US and the western world. He was sometimes video recorded, sometimes is gone without a trace, never let the US know where he is. Until June, 2010, CIA admitted that it never got any confirmed information about the Laden, also don’t know where he is headed. Soon a Afghan based news agency reported that Bin Laden is dead due to renal failure, the US already knew Laden was dead, the video and records were deliberately made in order for longer military stay in there.
Now all the false reports were clarified, seemed to prove the united states’ innocence. But it must be pointed out that whole incident is not that easy at all. Although Laden is really dead, the world media would give a controversial judgment that “he is probably truly dead”. Suspecting America has become a fashion, from Pearl harbor attack to the Moon landing, it never stopped. Not to mention America is involved in anti-terrorism war with Laden for ten years. Given that the world believed the death of Laden, would never regard it as a major achievement. Afghan situation is still not stable, anti-terrorism is still desperate. The war with Lybia may induce another cycle of terrorist attack. As long as cultural clash exists, the fire of revenge is burning, American would never be in peace and also the world.
The Obama era is a retreat from Iraq and focusing on Afghan. Two years ago, Obama decided to send 30,000 more troops to Afghan, setting a schedule of retreat at the same time. July, 2011, Obama hoped a staged success in the Afghan war, not to tread the old path of Iraq war. The staged success defined by America: one is transition to democratic government, which has the ability to self-sustain its order. The other is elimination of Taliban and Al Qaeda armed forces. If the aim was accomplished, the death of Laden is not important at all.
Laden is dead, but we still cannot see any hope. As the retreat is getting near, what the United States will do? Now is not Bush ear, the economic crisis is still around and the fear of war would give pressure for Obama to continue in the office. The anti-terrorism strategy of Obama is still in dilemma. If US troops retreat when Afghan war is not done, the endeavor of the past ten years would be futile and leave the world is not a responsible image. If Afghan war should be carried out to the end, Obama would not want to spare his effort in the war with no hope.


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      Interesting article, thanks.