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Benazir Bhutto Murder Case Still A Mystery

Updated on December 28, 2014


Benazir Bhutto was a female politician born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1953. She was the daughter of assassinated prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. After her father's death, she became chairperson of Pakistan People's Party (PPP), a leading political party in Pakistan at age of twenty nine. She was a graduate from Oxford University. Utilizing his abilities, she managed to win elections held in 1988 and thus became the first women prime minister of Pakistan as well as the only female prime minister in whole Islamic world. Again in 1993, she became prime minister for second time. However Farooq Lagari dismissed her government and she went on exile in 1999 from Pakistan. Corruption charges were made against her.

Benazir Bhutto- Daughter of East
Benazir Bhutto- Daughter of East | Source

Return To Pakistan

After nine years of exile, she returned to Pakistan in 2007 during the era of General Pervaiz Musharraf. Musharraf announced to held elections in start of 2008 so Benazir Bhutto started election campaign countrywide. On December 27, 2007 she went to Rawalpindi in case of election campaign where suicide bomber blasted bombs near her container. She managed to get herself through it but one of the terrorist opened fire on her head and she was killed. In addition to her, more than 24 party workers also died in attack.

Death scene of Ms. Bhutto
Death scene of Ms. Bhutto | Source

Investigation Of Murder

On the very next day Musharraf's government issued a report stating that Bhutto died of her own mistake, claiming that all the other people sitting in container were safe. When she moved her head out of container, she became victim of explosion. Further more, it was stated that she wasn't shot dead directly instead she got hit but handle of container which proved to be fatal.

In addition to that two notorious terrorist organisations, Alqaeda and Tehreek Taliban Pakistan, accepted the responsibility of attack. PPP officials blamed Musharraf for not providing Benazir foolproof security. Musharraf denied the blames by party and stated Benazir to be cause of her own death.

Scotland Yard investigating Bhutto's death
Scotland Yard investigating Bhutto's death | Source

Scotland Yard Investigation

Pakistan People's Party after winning 2008 election hired international investigation agencies such as United Nations and Scotland Yard for precise investigation of murder. Scotland Yard's report revealed that the murder spot was washed away the same day of murder. In addition to that no first information report (FIR) was made by related departments. Furthermore, no post mortem was done with her body which lead to difficulties in investigation. There came out another problem whether she's martyr or not because if she wasn't hit but gunshot she could not be characterized as martyr. However, party officials still call her martyr.

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Case Still Unsolved!

Though Pakistan People's Party was election winner in 2008 and managed to complete its five years government but still it was unable to solve the murder case of its former chairperson. Case is still under investigation in Pakistani courts and General Musharraf is accused. Every years on December 27, PPP organizes procession on death place of Bhutto but murderers of Benazir are still not caught. Instead, PPP use slogan "Bibi (Benazir) is alive".


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