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Bernie Goes to Convention

Updated on June 7, 2016

This should never become a reality and we should all do everything we can to stop that and worse.

Bernie has to recognize his road to the convention now is very different than presidential nominee. Clinton has locked up the number of total delegates for the nomination and as of today will likely lock up the majority of pledged delegates in the party (2027). For all intents and purposes, she will win the first vote and there will be no contested convention.

Sanders needs to follow the road that is available to him at this moment, a member of the party who has a voice in the direction it goes, but does not get to make the final decisions. Barring something well out of the norm occurring (no, Hillary will not be indicted) Hillary is the presumptive nominee and will be the nominee come convention.

The threats of diverting voters away from the party, or worse, to support Trump, from his campaign people need to stop. The constant grating against the process needs to stop. He has an opportunity to play a significant role in shaping what happens next, but if he alienates the party, worse, costs an election, his voice will be effectively silenced. Doesn't matter if it's right or wrong, it just will be. This isn't Nicaragua, it is not a coupe, and he needs to work within our albeit imperfect system, but it is a system that has successfully managed to right itself without destroying us, despite a few really hard bumps along the way. We are still here.

There are states that are under serious contention that once were essentially reliable blue states -- WI and PA come to mind immediately. We need them, and the constant bickering and threats convincing anyone to stay home in those states puts a serious burden on the ability of the Democrats to win. And no, if you don't get Sanders, burning us down with Trump is not a "good thing". We don't have the time to be fighting each other.

Those that gleeful say "enjoy a Trump presidency" should be ashamed of themselves. They're not simply wishing harm to a party, they are wishing harm to all of us. As a nation, as Americans, as individuals, and as warm blooded human beings already struggling as it is. They would have it worse, they would wish financial and personal suffering on you. The loss of your medical insurance that while it's not what we may want, is better that what we had and is currently covering tens of millions more and saving who knows how many lives. Further destabilizing economic security and the potential of even more war, putting your fellow humans at further risk... because you won't get the instant gratification of free school, something you're not likely to get any time soon no matter who wins.

I've heard over and over about how a vote for Sanders is about something bigger than all of us. Perhaps it is, but don't turn around and prove that you didn't mean it by putting yourself above that something bigger now and contributing to a Trump campaign in any way form or manner. Then it was never about something bigger or better than you, it was always about you.

Bernie needs to widen his understanding of how he can now have an impact on our nation and he needs to send that message out to his people leaving no question about his intentions like he has so often. No mixed messages, no bombastic words, and no misuse of words to create misunderstanding. He needs to begin to work with the Democrats rather than attacking them at every turn. I disagree that he was treated as unfairly as many seem to want to believe, but regardless the alternative at this point is literally being thrown out after convention and getting nothing from the hard work of so many and letting the progress so many have fought for since the Bush years fall back, maybe even further next time.

Sanders has the opportunity to begin to weave his ideas throughout the party from a different platform than Commander in Chief. He shouldn't waste it rewriting battles he's already lost and he needs to set his eyes on winning the war for the party that will not drag us down into pure fascism, rounding up Latinos and Muslims and "protecting" us with divisive rhetoric more likely to end up in a war than any peaceful, functional agreement of benefit.

It really is bigger than him, win or lose, and he needs to accept that, embrace it, and find a role in the party... or quietly leave it and don't look back, gracious for the opportunity to run. I would hope he is big enough to pull off the former, but if the latter is what he wants, he shouldn't spitefully risk our entire future departing in a 3 year olds candy aisle hissy fit.


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