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Bernie Sanders Has Lost His Way

Updated on May 19, 2016

Through the eyes of Sanders et al. the Democrat elections are rigged! Sanders is losing the nomination.

They say sore losers feel alike; it seems to be true and Bernie is no exception. Bernie has lost his way, and there is a hefty price tag to pay for that. To lose has never been anything anyone has ever looked forward to; it’s difficult to be upbeat about a loss; it’s difficult to justify; it’s hard to accept. It makes one feel like a loser (pun intended). Bernie was widely irrelevant when he announced his bid for the presidency.

In the past few weeks however, Bernie’s campaign has had great momentum; millions of voters across the nation have attended Sanders’ rallies. However, despite record fundraising and a streak of wins, Bernie has not been able to push his opponent out of the race. And he is not going to be able to, at least not in this election cycle. Unless there is a major event, such as a negative outcome on the impending FBI investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s use of private email server while she was secretary of state under Obama’s first term presidency, there is absolutely no math currently available to mankind which could make Sanders the nominee. This is largely due in part to Hillary’s early leads in the delegates count and the few wins in the rich delegates’ primaries which make it near impossible for Bernie to even catch up with his opponent let alone to turn the table, a situation which has caused extreme anguish (understandably so) and consternation to the Bernie’s campaign.

That situation has nothing to do with any wrongdoing on the part of Mrs. Clinton or the Democrat Party. Bernie is well aware it would take a drastic turn of event, a basket of luck and an act of God to change the predicament he’s in. However, having seen the “promised land” (I mean the Oval Office) from afar, his campaign has resorted to all sorts of tactics, including moving away from running a “clean campaign”, to try to slow down Mrs. Clinton’s march towards the nomination. It is probably too late.

As I mentioned in a previous article, my admiration for Bernie began to fade away the moment he has engaged in negative attacks on the campaign trails, a salvo he started with the Illinois primary where he lambasted Mrs. Clinton. Ironically he lost the primary of that state which should have served as a reminder to the Vermont Senator to go back to the way he used to do politics. Instead, his campaign doubled down and launched a full assault against his opponent; Mr. Sanders has lost his way.

When Bernie began the journey on the road to the White House, he knew darn well his chances to get anywhere near the Oval Office were as good as Ron Paul’s bid for the presidency in the 2012 elections. In a dramatic turn of event however, his populist message has resonated with a sizable sector of the population, initially the young but expanded to supporters from all social classes and all walks of life. Having made serious inroads towards the nomination, his campaign has resorted to unethical tactics such as falsely accusing the Clinton’s campaign or the Party Chair of wrongdoing, disseminating false information regarding voters’ fraud and constantly casting his opponent of bad judgement. The latest stunt by the Bernie’s campaign is to paint the current system as a) Rigged b) Offer unfair Super Delegates advantage to his opponent.

Notwithstanding the fact those allegations would most likely make it difficult for Bernie to earn any favor with the Clinton’s leaning delegates, one must acknowledge there is a need for a complete overhaul of the election process, not just on the Democrat side but on the Republican’s as well. On the Republican side, the idea of a fixed number of delegates (1,237) to become the nominee is ridiculous; on the Democrat side, the notion of Super Delegates is outrageous. Neither the Republican process nor the Democrat’s can be addressed in this election cycle however; so, it’s irrelevant for Bernie to even bring it up now.

But in regards to “Rigged Elections”, it seems at best the only satisfactory outcome for the Bernie’s camp is for all his primaries wins to be recognized and the Clinton’s to be questioned, scrutinized, reversed. Nothing else would do or the system is rigged. Mr. Sanders must be Feeling The Bern. He has lost his way.

The Sanders’ campaign also wants to tell everyone that Mrs. Clinton’s advantage has to do with the Super Delegates; it’s a message that has been at the forefront of any and all conversations by the Sanders’ supporters, surrogates and managers. They say it on Twitter, they post it on Facebook, they mention it in interviews. Bernie has been very vocal about the unfairness of Super Delegates. So, we decided to take a look at the argument to find out where the truth lies. First, without the Super Delegates in question, Mrs. Clinton is currently leading Sanders by almost 300 pledged delegates - she currently has 1,767 pledged delegates to Sanders 1,488 – Pledged delegates are the delegates allocated to the candidates who won the state primaries. Second, since Mrs. Clinton won all of the states with very large number of pledged delegates, her delegates count has surpassed that of Sanders’. There is no argument there. Third, in regards to the Super Delegates, it’s true Mrs. Clinton has had the advantage over Senator Sanders; even in states where she lost the primary, Mrs. Clinton would sometimes walk away with more delegates (pledged + super) than Bernie. As of this writing, Mrs. Clinton has 524 super delegates to Bernie 40. Finally, if we were to allocate super delegates according to the winner of the states, here is what the outcomes would be; Mrs. Clinton would have 260 super delegates to Bernie 138. In other words, with and without super delegates, Mrs. Clinton is way ahead of Bernie in the delegates count. As of this writing, Mrs. Clinton needs just 92 delegates to clinch the nomination. It’s quite understandable that Bernie is really Feeling The Bern.As the Clinton’s camp would put it, if you feel the Bern, use preparation H. Bernie Sanders Has Lost His Way.


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