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Bernie Sanders' Non-Sequitur Economics

Updated on December 12, 2017
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Essays in politics & spirituality are part of my writing tool-kit. The challenge of supporting a claim strengthens the mind & imagination.

Bernie Sanders


Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen


Political Commentary

Senator Bernie Sanders touts an economic system that has never worked anywhere it has been tried. As he holds Scandinavia as a shining example of his "democratic socialism," those countries are in the process of moving away from their experiment with that failed system.

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) claims that he believes the United States needs to emulate the so-called “democratic socialist” countries of Scandinavia. Often labeled the "independent" senator from Vermont, who self-identifies as a “socialist" but caucuses with the Democrats on Capitol Hill, Sanders seems oblivious to the recent history of the Scandinavian countries.

Socialism in Scandinavia
In "The Myth of Scandinavian Socialism." Stefan Molyneux explains the reality of Scandinavia's growth, showing that if anything it is despite Scandinavia's experiment with socialism that those countries have succeeded in providing a high standard of living.

Bernie continues to tout the vague socialist theory of a Robin-Hood-economics philosophy that is so easy for the young and immature and other low-information voters to accept, but impossible for those who have actually studied economics and observed how economic systems have worked throughout history.

In "Economics 101: Learning From Sweden's Free Market Renaissance." Swedish economist Lotte Moberg reports that her country is moving away from the socialist model that was instituted in the 1970s.

It is difficult to imagine how Sanders can remain oblivious to all of the corrective reporting regarding the economic myth surrounding Scandinavian "socialism." Such willful blindness displays an incompetence that should disqualify the senator from seeking the highest office in the U.S. or even continuing to sit as senator in the congress.

The democratic socialists recently suffered a defeat in Denmark, as the center-right party led by Lars Lokke Rasmussen beat center-left coalition Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. (You might remember her from the Obama-Thorning-Schmit selfie fiasco.)

Rasmussen has claimed that Denmark is no longer a socialist economy but rather a market economy. Denmark, like Sweden, is in the process of overhauling its system. Realizing the failure of the socialism experiment, which resulted in half the population not working, the Danes are revamping and retooling to turn their economy into the success it was under the market economy.

Rasmussen and his fellow countrymen are growing tired of Sanders' insulting their system with his "socialist slurs."

Scandinavia Not Really That “Socialist”
Then there is the fact that Scandinavia and the United States are such different entities that what goes on in Scandinavia is hardly relevant to the U.S. America's diverse, multi-cultural population of above 300 million dwarfs all of Scandinavia, whose homogeneous population is roughly that of Texas.

Ultimately, comparing economic systems of such diverse countries is, in fact, comparing apples to oranges. And it must be emphasized that the Scandinavians are discovering that a welfare state is the not the best way to go.

Where does that leave Sanders?

Too Many Deodorant Choices Make Children Poor
Economics is very simple, not really the complex mystery that most low-information Americans think it is. The great economist Thomas Sowell explains, "Economics is the study of the use of scarce resources which have alternative uses.”

With that simple definition, it becomes abundantly clear that how humans decide to use those resources is what makes or breaks a country’s economy and consequently the standard of living afforded its people.

No centralized planning, so beloved by socialists, can predict, measure, or allocate which resources will be needed by any particular citizen or group of citizens at any particular point in time. Thus, the banal, nay laughable, complaint from Senator Sanders that many different choices of deodorants and sneakers result in poor children.

Pajama Boy Politics
It’s so easy to berate those who have succeeded when you have not, instead of realizing that true wealth and status come to those who have worked for it. The Democratic Party plays the so-called “poor” who own cell phones, complain online, and possess automobiles and microwave ovens against those who actually work for a living to provide those modern necessities. They are doing so for only one reason: votes that lead to power.

The Clintons have discovered that vein of power that has led them to riches beyond on their dreams—simply by giving speeches to those deep pockets gullible enough to listen and pay. Have the Clintons helped one single American achieve any dream? Have they improved anyone's lot in life?

Bernie Sanders is tapping in to those same low-information voters who simply covet the riches of others. But ultimately Sanders is a relic, a socialist voice spouting platitudes that will not work in the future because they have not worked in the past.

Kevin Williamson has eloquently described Sanders' views as being from the "dark ages," and those views are not accurate, because they fail to consider how economics actually work in the real world.

Unfortunately those economics views that are hardly a "step above superstition" are attractive to young voters, who have to be only eighteen years old to vote.

Such incorrect, simplistic ideas about economics are easy for pajama boys living in their parents' basement to espouse, but not a viable strategy for getting the USA back to work after the train wreck of the Obama experiment.

Pajama Boy


Bernie Sanders' Model for America: Denmark

© 2016 Linda Sue Grimes


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  • Maya Shedd Temple profile image

    Linda Sue Grimes 23 months ago from U.S.A.

    So the Democrat Party offers for the presidential election 2016 the choice of a socialist or a crook; in reality those terms are synonymous. One might argue that Sanders is at least honest by calling his ideology "socialist," but there exists no history of honesty among socialists.

  • lambservant profile image

    Lori Colbo 23 months ago from Pacific Northwest

    "Bernie Sanders is tapping into those low-interest voters who simply covet the riches of others." Yep that nails it. Very informative hub here.