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Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton

Updated on February 23, 2016

I believe a Bernie Sanders Presidency would set an important precedent. If Bernie Sanders is elected, that will not only allow the next president to be more liberal than is currently seen as electable, but also build on and continue to push for big change.

My biggest worry about Hillary getting elected doesn’t have anything to do with Hillary herself. My worry comes from what that might mean for the next president. It means that the next Democrat to run after Hillary will not be willing or able to be as liberal as a lot of us would want. It would prove that someone like Bernie Sanders, a liberal “Democratic Socialist” can’t win an election. Democrats will continue to be mostly moderate, while Republicans go far to the right and get vast support. I worry that a moderate Democrat, either Hillary or after Hillary wont inspire Democrats to come out and vote, and as a result allow the very right Republicans to retake the White House.

What is scary is that people say what Bernie wants to do isn’t realistic, while also worrying about what Republicans will do. No one thinks most of what Republicans want to do is “unrealistic”. Single payer health care and tuition free college would cost too much, but Republicans can give the richest people significant tax cuts, thats seems to not be a problem.

We really do need a lot of change, we really do need a revolution, not only to change the policies that favor the rich, but simply so that the majority of Democrats don’t continue to feel disenfranchised and fail to vote. Republicans have no problem saying whatever they need to say to fire up their base and get their voters out, generally that means inciting fear and anger into their base. Democrats need to inspire and fire up their base as well, that generally means getting people to believe in change and have hope that it will happen. Democrats win when there is large voter turn out, so we need candidates who can inspire and rally the Democrat base and currently there is only one candidate doing that.


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