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Bernie or Bust Supporters Are Worse Than Trump Supporters

Updated on August 2, 2016

White Privilege is Scary

Just when you think people will understand that it is important to fight against Donald J. Trump's ridiculous and dangerous ideas of government you have your run of the mill Bernie or Bust supporters that are completely ignorant of the needs of their minority neighbors by vocalizing their own selfish platforms rooted in white privilege with a mixture of twisted priorities.

Everyone knows just how important this election is to American history. But is that necessarily a fact? Protests happened amongst the splendor of the Democratic National Convention and the media quickly identified those people as "Bernie or Bust" supporters. I did not think anything of it at first because well they had a good reason to protest this system is all rigged and now there are emails to prove it. They are upset they are hurt, but then after a couple hours of thinking and with a little help from President Barack Obama and even comedian Sarah Silverman I realized they are being "ridiculous".

This feeling of ridiculousness transformed in a couple of days to feelings of fear. As you can tell from my introduction it seems like I absolutely despise these supporters but in reality I fear these supporters more than Trump supporters because they are wolves in sheep's clothing. They are extremists who have the privilege of being extremists, who have the white privilege of all white privileges in this election simply because the truth is if Trump is elected than their lives will not be even closely affected as every single minority who lives in this country. In other words, a Trump victory won't affect them and they either are not aware of that or they simply do not care.

What I will not take away from those supporters is that their platforms are important and need to be taken seriously but their demands of threatening to vote for Trump, not vote for Hillary, to vote for Jill instead, or to not vote at all is a smack in the face to their minority friends that they so happen to claim to fight for their rights for. It is true that a person should work hard to get the vote of a citizen but this is not the time to be selfish to give the election to the man who will destroy millions of people's lives and to be honest the only people to blame will be those who were too selfish, proud, and privileged to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Anyone who is educated knows how messed up the DNC was towards Bernie Sanders, but in order to change the system we must infiltrate from within not from the outside. Calling Bernie Sanders a sell-out is extremely insulting to his life's work, intelligence, and overall message. This man knows what he's doing and if his supporters are actually his supporters they will get behind his true army and infiltrate the system to override the corruption that has been going on from the early days of American history.

All of this corruption is not new it has been happening for years but the media does a wonderful job at making something so old look so new and fresh which in turn creates an army of disillusioned American citizens. For the record, Hillary Clinton is a true progressive and her work has allowed many people to live a higher quality of life but it now is all overlooked thanks to those who want to belittle her. By being a Bernie or Bust supporter you are belittling her work without even researching for yourself and saying that Benghazi overrides her life's work as a progressive is very "he who hasn't sinned shall cast the first stone".

While it is not entirely a "big deal" to vote for another person, or no person at all for people in non swing states if there is enough people who believe the same things as the Bernie or Bust supporters then those non-swing states can become swing states that will go toward a Trump victory. Anything is possible in this life even if there are small chances of it happening.

Do I believe that Bernie or Bust supporters are worse than Trump supporters? To be honest, no but that headline can become true if the election is won due to people who did not open their eyes in order to help their minority brethren. Minorities are exhausted and angry at what Donald Trump is saying about them, treating them lesser than him and his followers simply because we do not look like them. The majority of Bernie or Bust supporters look like those followers so when he rises to power who do you think will be targeted? The minorities. If Donald Trump treated a judge who is from Illinois as a Mexican who is super close to Mexico (Because God forbid he knows about his Mexican heritage) how do you think he and his followers will treat those of different races and ethnicities who do not share the same race as him? Worse than the second class citizens that minorities already are. They will no longer be considered people and by that time there will be nothing those Bernie or Bust supporters can do about it.

White privilege is real but I do not use it as an insult I use it as a way to bring awareness. I do not blame someone for being white but I will blame myself if I do not speak up for myself about the harm that can come out due to white privilege. I see many white people who are uncomfortable of talking about race and they have every right to feel uncomfortable because there are also extreme race groups that will not give Whites the education they need to talk about race. In other words, race is not a common openly talked about subject which is why it is also difficult to speak to some Bernie or Bust supporters because it can seem as if we are trying to discredit their feelings but we are not, minorities are not trying to do that we are just trying to help you to help us because right now is the time to unite.

This movement is tearing people apart when we should be coming together. Race should not be a huge factor when it comes to many things but when it is a huge factor in the lives of many people, their families, their well-being it is time for minorities to open their mouths to be brave to fight for a country that also belongs to them.

This country never belonged directly to anyone but rather everyone. People become threatened when something they think is rightfully theirs is being "taken away" from people who do not look or talk like them. By being a Bernie or Bust supporter you are saying it is okay for millions of people to have their civil rights diminished all because of feelings that are valid but wrongfully executed. Now is not the time to act this way.

I get it making a statement to show the DNC how corrupt they are is a good idea. But right now it is not the time to actually follow through with this good idea. I promise the movement will become stronger if you scratch the backs of your minority brothers because trust me if there is something a minority likes is joining a cause that has their best interests at heart. Bernie or Bust supporters do have good hearts but they are being driven by blind passion. This blind passion will harm so many people that they claim to love. If they understand that this election is bigger than themselves, that is will effect the lives of their minority friends and family members then they will see Bernie's dream flourish and I will be right there front and center to take on the corruption of the whole system not the DNC, but also the RNC.

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"Fun" Facts

  • 25 % of Bernie Supporters Won't Vote For Hillary
  • Democrats have 51.7% of the popular vote
  • Republicans have 46.6% of the popular vote
  • A small minority of people can in fact change the outcome of the election

Minorities Are Counting On Bernie or Bust Supporters More Than They Know



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