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Between Awareness and Disillusion

Updated on January 6, 2013

Before there were strings
Strings that rang out our emotions
Before there were political parties
Parties that pretended to offer solutions
Man was unaware of anything
Except food and comfort
He did not question existence
Or if God would provide for his souls transport
Disillusionment was not yet upon him
And neither enlightenment
With no contrast to his condition
He only lived to survive and knew of no entitlement

With a whisper
He sang
But of what?

What drew tears other than death?
What was love in the barren desert?
Was he merely an animal of instinct
With no voice to express his hurt?

He sang
But of what?

Soaring nature drew from him his wonder
Wings of glory made light of his helplessness
Never was he more aware of his limits
For in the darkness fear was his wilderness
Man would dance the mashed potato and the twist
And God revealed his presence at his own whim
Frustrated with faith, frivolity and knowledge
Man searched in vain for those things that elude him
The window opens between nothing and something
But are we inside or outside when both feel the same?
Within the moment of coming together we feel as one
But we suffer the ancient fate as we play the same game


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    • profile image

      buzzsaw88 4 years ago

      i like this one, but i don't know why yet, and i don't mean that in a bad way, i mean it in a good way. like there is still something i need to figure out about it.