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Racial Outake On Evil Influence In 2012

Updated on May 20, 2012
Ebook and paperback 'They Imagine A Vain Thing
Ebook and paperback 'They Imagine A Vain Thing | Source

Didn't we almost have it all?

Treyvon vs. Zimmerman: That's what it was in those moments when Treyvon and Zimmerman faced off, as someone maybe watched from a window. Or was some larger social ill in play?

Throughout the annals of history, someone or something has always sought to disrupt harmony, peace and the coexistence of humanity. "Black ops", "Red Tape", "White Wash". Calculated and intentionally skewed perceptions through subliminal abduction of certain individuals having its perfect work. Lies, hidden agendas, differences in opinion, greed, even possessing the ability to make someone's life miserable has been the motivation of a heartless few. Why? Because it's the way of a world fallen from its own graces? Maybe so but those who love humanity do not have to stop searching for the cure-all. Searching for the truth.

Is something inherent, in our nature, spawning a rapid regeneration of hatred and discord in our world. Does racism reappear on a large scale in cycles like ice ages? Does greed or a sense of entitlement at a time of potential equality light the fuse for racial murder? And finally, if there is a way of seeing everyone as inhabitants of Earth without racial divide, would you accept it?

Everyone, white, black, brown, pink, yellow, red or orange are victims. The only color that matters is green. Are you thinking green that comes in the form of $Dollars$? The green I'm speaking of is the the color of plant life that gives us the oxygen we need to breath.The only color that matters is a green planet.

In the last days, the love of many will wax cold(Bible Matthew 24:12,13) to the point that the cold in heart will incite fear and riot; attempting to hire half the poor, no matter the color, to annihilate the other half! Beware of evil influence. The fight isn't over. Try the book They Imagine A Vain Thing


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